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There are some strange things happening to you,Guest Posting such as you will be deemed as spam or get banned, which may make your suffer loss of the money that you spent on your runescape account.


If you never say any words in Runescape, you may be deemed as runescape spam. In order not to make you left out of Runescape, you should chat with some RS player time to time. To ensure Runescape stays a cooperative environment to play and communicate with each other, Jagex developed mutes. You are right to read this article which will tell you how to avoid being muted in Runescape. You should be aware of this mute as you may result in a permanent mute.


Being muted in RuneScape can make you feel left out, unable to talk except through Quick Chat. Jagex uses mutes to ensure RuneScape remains a cooperative environment in which to play and communicate with others. Follow the directions below to avoid getting muted again. Remember lasting mutes may result in a permanent mute. Some developers use Runescape auto in game so that they can sell rs accounts to earn a great amount of cash. You should be prudent enough to use any Runescape auto. If you get reported by others, your runescape account will be banned forever.


If you get banned, you will definitely be muted. So do not try to scam other users.


Be respectful of other RuneScape players, especially those who are veteran players with high level Runescape account. Generally speaking, you will never be muted if you respect the other players.


You should try to crow those in game filter and never click the link attached in your email, which you never access to the websites in case you get spammed.


Also you can do something to avoid deeming as spam. As for how to buy a runescape account legally, you can read some articles on Runescape community.


You can do your best to make other convince you are not trying to do harm to Runescape and follow the rules of RS at all times and never be muted in game.


Never trade rs items around the bank. Usually, if you are trading around a bank, you may be considered as cheaters. As it is common that many hackers waiting there to cheat rs beginners, you should not transfer items around a bank.


In case of a high possibility to get banned, you should never use any Runescape auto tools. If you are not lucky enough, some veteran players will easily recognized you are using a Runescape auto to level fast, make money easily, which will break the fair environment of other gamers.


Last but not the least, don’t log into your rs account here and there. It is dangerous that your account will be detected as being hacked.


Hope you can have fun in Runescape!


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