Black Lungs

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For the person who is smoking there appears to be enjoyment and a sense of relaxation. This does not however show what smoking can do to a persons body in particular how it can affect their lungs. One of the effects that are caused by smoking is that of black lung disease.

Usually black lungs is caused by mining in a coal mine. In this place the carbon from the coal dust enters the miners body and it gets deposited on the lungs. As time passes the dust accumulates into a black substance which coats the entire lungs.Due to the coating of black lungs respiratory problems will develop. Now even though technology has improved quite a lot there is as of yet no cure for black lungs. As black lungs is a condition that can deteriorate into a serious condition known as Caplans syndrome it is best to tale preventative measures. These preventative measures are the only way that Caplans syndrome will not rear its head.Now while it is possible for individuals who are working in coal mines to develop black lungs the conditions for this can be monitored and prevented. One such precautionary measure would include having the coal miners get full medical check ups each year. While this in itself will not prevent the onset of this disease it can help ensure that black lungs does not spread completely over the lungs.For the people who do get this disease it is worthwhile checking out if they have a smoking habit. If such a habit exists it is important to stop smoking as early and as quickly as possible. The various ingredients in the cigarettes and cigars will just make the black lungs disease even worse.As black lungs is a condition that affects people who work in coal mines it is best if the conditions in the mines are geared towards the safety of the workers. Since this safety condition is an aspect that the coal mine officials need to look into there is no real guarantee that you will find coal dust or other such harmful debris free mines.While smoking can cause numerous respiratory problems black lungs is one condition that the majority of the smokers have no need to worry about. If you know someone who is suffering from this debilitating disease make them see a doctor and get medical help before their condition turns life threatening and untreatable.

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