Checking For Hernias

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Hernias are a common occurrence - but most people do not know they have them. Learn how to check for one in your body.

A hernia is a swelling which is caused when the innards and the contents within the body are trying to shove through a weak space within the abdominal wall. It looks like an extremely serious problem - but usually people don’t even understand what is going on until they are able to actually see the bulge as it becomes larger.

When many of us observe that bulge we involuntarily presume the worst. We're afraid that maybe it is cancer and it's some type of tumor. Although hernias are usually not as serious it's possible they will be able to become strangulated. This is never a great thing so it assists to know just how to test yourself for the problem to avoid anything serious from taking place.

Look closely at your abdomen and attempt to feel around with your hands. Try to see if you can feel any swelling or if you may see anything. You should have somebody check the back for you and to feel around to make sure that there's nothing there. The most common symptom is tenderness in the area where it is protruding from so it helps to look in those areas first.

Use your hands and gently press down in the body to search for the knot. Anything soft or bumpy can be an inclination that something is not right. Again you need to have somebody look around to see if they can see something that you may be missing. They will also help to confirm anything you might see.

Do you have any hernia pain? Some people do not have the ability to be able to feel a thing. Other people may have a sharp or dull feeling of pain in the vicinity where it can be breaching through the body. Any symptom or indication is sufficient to  schedule an appointment with your personal doctor. They're going to run the best tests and come to the best analysis.

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