How Coconut Oil Can Help Treat Pneumonia

Jul 27


Naomi West

Naomi West

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Pneumonia is something that many children can suffer through. One of the best ways that you can treat them is through the use of coconut oil.

There are many people who feel that is is easier to cure specific health conditions with all natural products instead of with prescription or over the counter medicines. They think that most of the things we cook with or the plants that we see every day have healing properties that function faster and are much better for us.

One such ingredient is coconut oil. Recent reports show a strong connection that this can be utilized to treat children who are hurting from pneumonia. They think that it carries distinct antibiotic therapies that assist to assuage the symptoms quicker then normal medicinal methods. Pneumonia is a problem that infects the lungs. For children and some adults it is a serious infection that can be fatal if it is not addressed properly.

In the study they spread out the kids in to two separate groups; the one that received coconut oil and the ones that did not. The children who took the oil along with come other antibiotic drugs had the ability to recoup quicker. Their respiratory rate and fever had reinforced and they had improved oxygen saturation in the blood.

A region of the group used the oil orally every day counting on how much they weighed. They utilized this for three consecutive days and discovered that their respiratory rate became regular after just 32 hours. The different group took 48 hours to get better.

Health experts think that the oil had the ability to work with the ampicillin - the common medicine given to treat pneumonia. It contains lauric acid - which is best-known to have distinct antimicrobial attributes that function well with the ampicillin. 

This is only one method that you can amend your children’s health utilizing coconut oil. It’s healing properties will aid to help them recuperate from health other problems.