Pin Lanyards - A Great Way To Show Off Your Disney Trading Pin Collection

Dec 10


Todd Palgon

Todd Palgon

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A lanyard is a great way to display your Disney trading pins. It is comfortable to wear around the neck and indicates to others that you want to trade Disney pins. They come in all kinds of styles and designs and you are sure to find one that suits your tastes.


A great way to display your Disney trading pins are on lanyards.  If you hope to trade them in the theme parks,Pin Lanyards - A Great Way To Show Off Your Disney Trading Pin Collection Articles you will need one.  There are certainly many different lanyards to choose from. Disney has made them with different colors and designs.  They also have a lot of different characters and themes on them.  Lanyards can be bought in the Disney parks, Disney stores, or Ebay.   Ebay is the least expensive option as they can be purchased for $3-4 or in multiples, which may make them less expensive.  They are a little more in the parks, but you can be guaranteed they are new and in pristine condition.  The advantage of the lanyard is the ease of showing your pins for trading.  Most people will have multiple lanyards.  One lanyard can be for Disney trading pins you want to trade, and the other one can be for those pins you do not want to trade but keep for yourself.  The disadvantage is that the pins may fall off if the back covers are not put on properly.  However, you can purchase locking backs for the pins to keep them in place.  But, if you do not want to use a lanyard, you can also put your Disney trading pins in a pin album. These are more secure and there is less chance the pins will fall out.  It is ultimately up to you how you want to display them.

But the lanyards are the most fun because of all the different designs.  You can get them with your favorite character, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Donald Duck.  You can get lanyards with your fave animated feature on it, or ones that just have Disney World on them. Disney makes so many different lanyards that finding the right one can be an adventure in itself.  Just think about what themes your Disney trading pins are and get a lanyard to match.  Since you will probably get multiple lanyards to display all the Disney trading pins you will collect, you can pick multiple ones and not have to worry about choosing which ones you want. The lanyards are comfortable to wear and a great way to proudly display your pins.  The other advantage of having a lanyard is that people will know you want to trade your pins once in the theme parks.  It is easier to approach someone with a pin lanyard on because you will know they are a fellow trader.

Once you have the lanyards, then you will need to purchase Disney trading pins to display.   The best place to start is by purchasing a starter set on Ebay or Amazon.   Starter kits are nice because they usually come with 10 Disney trading pins and a lanyard to start.  This will be a great boost to get you going on your hobby.  Then you will probably want to get some more pins. You can look online to purchase Disney trading pin collections that come with a lot of pins, some as many as 100. The only thing you want to be careful of when purchasing these large sets is to make sure all the pins are genuine Disney trading pins, otherwise Disney will not trade them. All genuine pins have the Disney logo on the back. Next, pick the pins you want to keep and separate those from the pins you want to trade.  Now, you will be ready to start trading your pins in the parks with cast members, your friends, or other guests.