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These online auctions have a social entertainment approach for bidders to obtain new name brand products.No matter which auction house the bidder chooses... the winning bid will be at a price... that is greatly reduced from the normal sale price or free! The system is simple and fun: 1.Register online 2.Buy some bid credits 3.Select an auction house 4.Place bids.The business opportunity associated to this unique concept has huge growth potential.

Unique Auction Concept

This article is about online auctions and a unique concept that causes the price to go down... not up! The founders of this concept acknowledge that the online social interaction trend is only just starting and this approach to aquiring new products is unique! They claim to have taken the best of the best available and produced skill-based shopping and auction entertainment.

Using unique reverse auctions as well as penny auctions... bidders can aquire new cars,Guest Postingtravel,name brand technology items and much more. In reverse auctions the price goes down instead of upward. People 'spend' a bid credit to 'reveal' a concealed price and everytime this happens... the auction price drops!The price drop is a percentage of the value of the bid credit. The balance of the vaue of the bid credit... covers running costs,cost of products,delivery,freight and so on.

How Do These Auctions Work?

With the 'Penny Auctions' the price goes up 1 or 5 cents with each timed bid. If the 'time' runs out without another bid... the current bidder is the auction winner. However the 'Bid to Zero' and 'Buy before Zero' mean as their name indicates. The starting price will be at the normal sale price.So with 'Bid to Zero'... you and others place bids... and the bidder whose bid takes the price to zero... gets the item delivered home for free!

These auction houses run 24/7 and are designed as interactive entertainment... having fun and saving money are the objectives... for the participants. Moving new products is the motivation for those conducting the online auctions.

Name Brand Products

With this auction concept all the products are: 1. Brand New 2. Respected Brand Names 3. Delivered to Bid Winners Freight Free. When you visit the online auctions site you will see some of those top brands in:




4.Entertainment Products

5.Special Ladies Items

6.Fashion & Accessories

You Choose Which Auction House

The several auction houses offer varied ways to have fun while participating in the following online auctions:

1.Penny & Nickel Auctions

2.Bid To Zero

3.Buy Before Zero

4.Unique Bid

5.100% Discount

6.Set price

Charity auctions are planned as well. Each of these auction houses allows you to buy and obtain name brand products at discounts up to 70% -100% off. The 'Penny Auctions' can be very quick... because they are on 'timers'. Mostly they need a bid every 10 seconds to stay active. If the 'time' elapses and you are the 'current bidder'... then you win the auction!

The 'Buy Before Zero' auction houses could move along quickly as well... because people will jump way before the price reaches zero. If a $1000 item reaches $500... you might say... 'I'll take it now... before someone else does'. 'Bid To Zero' auctions on the other hand... go all the way to zero and the lucky final bidder gets the goods for zero dollars.

What Does It Cost To Bid

As an online auctions customer you register online and then... buy bid credits. They are purchased in US dollars of $20,$50 and $100. Also you can purchase $250 at a 15% discount and $500 of bid credits at 30% discount.When you register... you give yourself a username and you use that username to 'logon' to the auction site.After you logon... you'll see on the screen the number of bid credits that you have available.

Then as you place bids on an item you would like to aquire... you'll see the number of available bid credits reduce. If you win the bidding in any auction house... you pay the actual auction price... except if it is a zero auction... then you don't pay anything! Delivery is free.

You as a Customer or a Business Associate

To become an online auctions customer and use this unique auction concept... you need to be sponsored-in... by a 'business associate'. You register free online and to start... you can just purchase $20 worth of bid credits... which is 30 bid credits. A customer can upgrade to a business associate at any time.

People wishing to promote this concept... join as 'Business Associates'. The majority of people who will use and enjoy this social interaction entertainment... will be customers.However many will also see the potential of the business opportunity available. Business associates need to purchase one of three available packages when they join. Gold,Silver and Bronze packages are available... and you'll see when you click the 'join' button at the online auctions site... that these packages start at $200 (one-time purchase)... which gives a bronze business associate a total of 284 bid credits.

After joining both customers and business associates subsequently pay for bid credits at the same rates and only purchase bid credits as they need them. The growth of the business opportunity is based on the principal of 'sponsor two people who sponsor two people... and it's free to you'.It is certain... many millions of people will eventually use this auction concept... the savings could be considerably. Therefore it's likely that the business associates will find this a lucrative business to promote to other people as well as to participate in for there own enjoyment!

My Conclusions

The internet is indeed trending more and more to online social interaction activities! Online auctions in the form outlined above are sure to benefit from these social inclinations. Every new product that winning bidders aquire will be at a heavy discount... or free. Delivery costs don't apply! The cost for every bidder is the purchase of bid credits. Coming into the 'Buy Before Zero' auction house when the price is right for you and into the 'Bid To Zero' auction near zero will reduce your outlay on bid credits.

The real time bidding technology is innovative and helps ensure the accuracy of timed bids... as in the 'Penny' auctions. Planned support for numerous languages and charity auctions has to be applauded. Also the founders of these online auctions have indicated they will donate 1% of profits to charities such as 'Save The Children' and the 'Red Cross'.Overall everyone is a winner!

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