April 2005 Articles

When You Feel Blocked: Six Powerful Rituals to Help You Break Through

Have you ever felt blocked, stuck in a rut? Like part of you wants to change, grow, or move forward with something, but another part of you seems to be standing in the way? And no matter how you try, it seems you are unable to make a difference?

What does your website say about your business?

If you're promoting a business online your website needs to show potential customers you mean business. What impression do they get from your website?

RentJillsHouse.com Salutes a New Leader

Announcement of new General Manager for RentJillsHouse.com

Microsoft Great Plains implementation & tailoring – local versus remote support

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains has been leading ERP solution in the US for over 10 years, starting with Great Plains Dynamics, then Dynamics C/S+, later on moved to Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. Then at the end of 20th century Great Plains Software was purchased by Microsoft and transformed into Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions. In this small article we would like to give you your options on supporting Microsoft Great Plains Standard and Microsoft Great Plains version 8.0, 8.5 and earlier.

Microsoft Great Plains Middle East - Arabic Language Support

Microsoft Business Solutions reaches out to the Middle East market

Web Site Value In The Sale Of A Family Business

Web Sites are not just for high tech or e-commerce businesses. When considering selling the family business, the lack of a Web Site can detract from the perception of value in the eyes of a buyer. If a business owner is considering selling his/her business and does not have a Web presence, establishing one before beginning the sales processes can generate a substantial ROI at closing time.

Your Business And Your Estate

This article explores what often happens when parents leave the family business to children involved in running the business and those that are shareholders but not involved. What started out being an equal distribution of wealth in principal, turns into a very unfair result because of the lack of marketability of minority shares in a privately held business combined with restrictive buy-sell agreements.

Now You’re Engaged, How Do You Choose A Mens Wedding Ring?

So, you’ve just got engaged. Whether you are a man or a woman you have an important decision to make (amongst the myriad of other decisions) about mens wedding rings. It’s this. Will the man in your relationship wear one?

Psychology of Colors - Decorating a living room for the Subconscious

The living room is the setting which will blend the people in your life into the occasions of your home. It is the hardest room to decorate because it has to be versatile, comfortable, and entertaining. Guests, relatives, friends; this room will be the showcase of your home for all of them. This makes the decoration of the living room especially important. The colors and designs you choose will have subtle effects on the psychology of the occupants in the setting, resulting in slight changes to the interactions held there. In a social center such as this, you do not want that influence to be a negative one. A way to help control this is to understand the psychological effects of color on the people in a room.

They’re not just pants, they’re Dockers

Dockers changed the way in which men dressed for work in 1986. With their new apparel category men could look great and wear comfortable casual clothing to work. Dockers set the trend on khakis and today they are still the number 1 brand of khaki pants sold in America.

Levis for all your needs

"Waist overalls" was the original name for what we now refer to as Levi® 501® jeans. We can thank Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis for using a bit of denim, thread and some metal to create the most popular jeans worn around the world today. The original denim pants were always considered to be work pants, but during the 1960’s in America, jeans became the favorite type of pants worn by everyone. This changed the way in which people looked at denim, looked at jeans, and looked at Levis, in particular. Levis became the favorite wear for all occasions and the Levi Strauss Company saw the vision once again and began creating all types of Levis; from work pants to dressy jeans.

Hold a Charity Birthday Party for Your Child

As a parent, you probably know that the birthday party routine can be an almost painful experience. With about 20 children in your child's class, going to more than one birthday party in one weekend can occur quite often. If you have more than one child, birthday-party weekends can take over your entire life. Finding the right gift takes hours, wrapping the present and preparing the card is more time. When it is your child's turn for a birthday party, do you really want to put other parents through the same routine? Will your child really appreciate 20 birthday gifts on top of what you and your family have already given him? Does your child really need more toys?

Wrangler jeans are not just for cowboys anymore

Rodeo Ben started the trend for Wrangler jeans when he designed and tailored the 13MWZ. This durable and quality jean was tested by rodeo stars Jim Shoulders, Bill Linderman, and Freckles Brown while they starred in rodeo shows around the country. In 1949, the Wrangler jean became very popular after the Rodeo Championship and grew into the number 1 jean for western wear. As a matter of fact even later in 1974, Wrangler Jeans became 'Official Jeans of the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association'.

Moneynet adds weight to intelligent finance with new personal finance product guides

Moneynet adds weight to intelligent finance with new personal finance product guides

Choosing the credit card that is right for you.

Credit cards represent an important part of our financial lives. Having the right credit cards is essential and will make a big difference to your finances. Before choosing the right credit card you must shop around for one.