Different Types of Wood in India - Advantages & Disadvantages

May 27


ankita srivastav

ankita srivastav

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This article provides you a clear picture of everything you need to know about wood, the usage of wood in the construction of buildings, and also the advantages of wood. It also discusses how the trend has been constant towards preferring wood over any other element. It has a comprehensive listing of the reasons to opt for timber and how it would benefit an individual mentally and physically.


Every individual dream to own a loving family,Different Types of Wood in India - Advantages & Disadvantages Articles a well-reputed job, and of course their dream house! The population is increasing day by day and so is the need for accommodation as well. Although there is a great demand for a fully furnished apartment or villa, the true feeling of owning a house comes with the construction of the house from scratch, Isn't it?

Ok so, Let's talk about construction or building of home! 

It takes months or even years at times to build a beautiful home. It is bound to an abundance of a package of emotions, memories, future, and comforts, and a few even prioritize the nature elements, directions, positivity, etc which could be expressed with the term "Vastu Shashtra'. 

While constructing a home, there are many factors that we generally consider for an ideal or desired dream house. This has everything to do with our choices and preferences. Above all, as per the current trend when we plan for a house most of us choose for a perfect, aesthetic look with the coziest corners in the winters. I assume you are already imagining the scene of sipping on coffee while experiencing the rain from your beautiful windows, Right? 

Well, Do you know which is the most important factor for the best housing in the most simple and stylish way? The usage of TIMBER! Yes, you got me right. Timber is generally used in order to add the essence of nature and tranquillity at home. Wood has various benefits from keeping your house warm to experiencing a cozy environment, everything can be easily achieved by the usage of wood. 

As mentioned above, the Advantages of Wood for construction are many as the artistic and designing elements that would carry is way beyond any other elements in the world. Although, many other elements were replaced prior to the trend towards preferring wood has been constant and uncomparable. That being said, even today many construction designs and the trendy outlook is made out of timber. Above all, it is a natural resource that explains a different list of benefits of its own. Below are a few reasons as to why Timber is known to be beneficial and important during construction of a house;

1. Durability:

For more than thousands of years, wood has been used as a part of the construction of many buildings. It is known as weather- friendly and thus, we can say that Wood is durable, and when it is properly maintained it can last for years.

2. Natural beauty:

Wood is known for naturally appealing and aesthetic with enhancing beauty in the simplest way. There is various kind of wood that differ based on its color, texture, efficiency, and durability but one thing what makes every type of wood special is its appearance. Based on your housing plan, you can opt for the right wood and they naturally provide you the most aesthetically pleasing look you could ever experience. This is one of the best Advantages of Wood

3. Highly efficient:

The usage of wood can also save a lot of time than compared to the set and dry procedure of cement or concrete structures. This is beneficial as it assists in starting further work like interior design etc to begin sooner than usual. Above all, the construction of building with the usage of Wood can be done in any climatic condition, in other words, the construction of a building using wood won't be affected if developed by Wood. Hence, the Usage of wood is highly efficient and reliable.

4. Reliable and Renewable:

Wood is a renewable form provided which they are sourced or acquired only when required in other words if they are sourced very carefully and responsibly is when t can be a boon and a renewable source for housing. Moreover, The wood buildings won't cause much harm to nature even if they are deconstructed or anything of that sort.

5. Healthy Lifestyle:

The house made of wood can offer a base for a healthy lifestyle. Wood is also good for the well being and health of the family. The comforts and coziness amidst the wooden space and the feeling warmth and security are inevitable. The natural beauty outlook in the simplest way helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and negative elements by increasing the positive feeling and positivity in one's life. It also keeps you mentally balanced and calm amidst the repose of nature.

Thus, the above information gives us a clear picture of how useful and amazing it is to switch your construction elements with wood. Wood is a great absorbent of sound and creepy echoes. The thermal properties of woods are one of the reasons why we have a list of advantages further to consider for the construction.

Timber or wood, they have various Types of Wood-based on their best usage and specifications. If you are fascinated by the fact that wood is the new cool!  All these factors are the cause of wood being a favorite choice among people. Wood has majorly been categorized into 2 categories, Hardwood and Softwood, and based on the same you get a plethora of different kinds of wood in the same. Majorly in the construction of a house, hardwood is used majorly in the construction of walls, floors, top ceilings, etc. 

I hope we have provided the necessary information which you can consider to make a hassle-free decision of constructing or owning a wooden house. After all this, the real challenge comes with choosing the right wood! Well, this is the major phase while beginning the construction of your dream home. In earlier times, the carpenters and home builders used wood as the substitute for most of the materials which some of us generally opt for today.

Especially in countries like India, choosing the right wood may be a task. Fortunately here is a list of the hand-picked collection of Different Types of Wood for Furniture as well as Different Types of Wood in India. Click here to know the Best Types of Wood that you can use for the construction of your dream house today. Happy housing!