All you need to know about large dog feeding

Apr 7


Rea Setia

Rea Setia

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Large dogs have attention-grabbing personalities, and many people are fond of them. Do you also love such breeds? They are very big and muscled with a heavy body. However, bigger dogs may be attractive to you, but when it comes to routine feeding, maintenance and care of these breeds, less can often mean more, especially in terms of meals.


Big dogs indeed have big appetites,All you need to know about large dog feeding Articles but there lies a hidden fact that they also have a slower metabolism than their smaller cousins. They require few calories and minimum fat in their food to live healthily.


The pet parents have to be careful while buying food supplements for large dogs. They need to check the ingredients in eatables like wet and dry dog foods very carefully to avoid obesity and aid in the proper functioning of the body framework of their pets.


For better understanding, here are some essential tips to maintain your dog’s balanced diet and develop healthy feeding habits.


How to maintain a balanced diet for your large dog?


There is a lot of confusion among pet owners regarding how and how much to feed their large dogs. To clear the air, here are some important nutritional tips to consider while feeding your pal.


  • Bigger breeds need to grow and support a large skeletal system and stronger joints. So you should include enough minerals like calcium and phosphorus in the diet. Also, you have to maintain a proper protein to fat ratio in the meal to help keep lean body mass in check.


  • You can also opt for special large-breed formula kibbles to enhance chewing practice and keep your dog busy for longer periods. This will help to slow the eating rate and absorb nutrients efficiently from the food. You can even decide on incorporating dog chews in the routine as these will help in reducing the temptation of over-feeding.


  • If growing weight is your concern, then choose a diet plan which contains 26% protein and 9% fat. This will help your dog achieve the ideal weight and curb obesity-related problems. Lower calorie levels in large dog feed will keep the weight under control. If you are unable to make the required meal with the correct amount of nutrients then go for light dog food products.


Along with the right nutrients in the large dog food, you have to follow a feeding checklist too for timely meals and other activities.


Feeding checklist for large dog


Here is a common everyday routine that you can integrate for meeting the wants and needs of your big companion.


  • Serving food at room temperature for better smelling and tasting by the dog. If you feed canned or wet dog food, then consider microwaving it before offering it to your dog. Remember not to serve too hot nor too cold food.


  • If you prefer dry dog food, store it in a dry and clean environment. Airtight containers or resealable ones can help in keeping intact the aroma and freshness of the product.


  • Try to feed your dog at some quiet place without any interruptions. It is always a good idea to serve the meal on a mat or a space which can be cleaned easily.


  • Keep children away from the dog while eating as the dog may find them predators trying to steal its food. This may result in aggressive behaviour. If you have more than one pet, consider serving meals away from each other to avoid fighting and bullying.


  • Avoid feeding your dog immediately after an exercise. Let it rest and make the routine plan accordingly.


  • Feed your large dog once or twice a day. For older ones, feed them in smaller portions more frequently.


The above mentioned are some basic points of a feeding checklist of large dogs. It can be altered according to the needs and requirements depending on the pet’s habits, breed and size. However, if you continue to face certain problems related to large dog feeding, you can book an online vet consultation to discuss the issues to get the best solutions.