Canned or Dry Dog Food: Which is the right choice?

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Know the best dry food for your dogs and puppies, Which is the right choice?

This is one of those age old questions; which is better for canine folks,Guest Posting canned or dry dog food? There are hundreds of articles trying to answer the riddle. Some choose canned food over dry dog food while some vouch for dry dog food. While the right choice might depend on several factors like budget, climate, storage facility, liking of pet and growth observed with the given food; it is important to assess which type is actually good for your dog.

The scientific answer is, neither. A combination of both is the right choice. Lets see how,

Why dry dog food is necessary?

Dry kibble has many obvious advantages 

  • Dogs love to munch. The canine jaw is genetically designed to chew and crunch.
  • Dry kibble provides a good jaw and gum exercise. The chewy texture reduces dental problems such as dental caries, foul breath and buildup of bacterial population inside oral cavity. This means less visits to vet for oral problems.
  • Dry dog food is not perishable. This is highly convenient when travelling and when refrigerated storage is not accessible.
  • Canned dog food can’t be left in open for more than an hour or two as it lead to contamination. This is not the case with dry food. Your dog can eat dry food as and when it pleases.
  • Dry dog food has defined nutrient content. You know what exactly is inside the package. Label information helps you understand what you are providing in your dog’s platter and what you are paying for.
  • In longer run dry dog food is more economic. It allows bulk buy unlike canned dog food.

 Why canned food is irreplaceable? 

  • Canned dog food is protein and fat rich. With less carbs, it is more delectable to canine palate and easy on their digestive system. It is a better choice for older and ailing dogs, as it doesn’t require much of jaw action.
  • Though canned dog food is perishable and requires refrigeration, its water content makes the food more hydrated and hence more natural. Dogs tend to feel fuller and satisfied earlier as compared to when fed with same amount of dry food. This is also a safer way to help your dog shed some oodles.

So probably the best way is somewhere in between. A healthy food for your dog and puppy would be a combination of both wet and dry dog foods. Moreover diverse platter is the better platter. While your vet may suggest the right combination of dry and canned dog food, you and your pet can also workout the right combination by trying different proportions. You need to make an observation table to note down the growth parameters with given amount of food. For some 70 dry:30 canned is optimum, but you can find the right ratio by a little experiment. You must not get swayed away in favor of canned food because your dog has extra liking for it. The right food is the one which provides optimum nutrition.

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