Clumping cat litter – a boon for the cat owners!

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Clumping cat litter has become very popular with all the cat owners today for the kind of ease it made disposing cat litter. It works by absorbing out the moisture from the feces and clumps together and forming a solid mass.

Cleaning the litter box is now lot easier than it was before and adding to that there is no stench and delayed bacterial formation. Therefore,Guest Posting the owners now can schedule the litter box cleaning once in every three or four weeks.

Clumping litter was initially made in UK in the early fifties with calcium bentonite. Then that was later on improvised in the USA in the early eighties by using bentonite clay. The clay was fine but had some problems in absorbing moisture totally and also the scooping while disposing the clumps was sometimes a little messy. Then the clumping cat litter is made, it formed clumps very easily and hardened by absorbing the moisture totally. Cleaning and disposing has become a lot easier than it was with the clay.

Cat lovers are extremely happy with this product as it’s tested and proved to be totally harmless for the cats and even for humans if consumed accidentally. Cats love to dig into the ground to dump the poop and clumping cat litter gives similar feeling as it is made of fine grit. The litter is very soft and very gentle on your cat’s delicate paw. Cat’s urine tends to leave a very bad odor but this will absorb every inch of it very quickly, keeping the place smell free.

The most important factor that necessitates the need for disposal of litter box very often is the formation of bacteria. The advent of clay litter delayed the process from once in two day to about ten days. The clumping litter can delay the process by at least three weeks. The fact is that even though the feces form into hardened masses, there will little bacterial formation and that can eventually have effects after a while. Therefore, three to four weeks is very safe period.

Disposal of the clumping cat litter does not have to be sending it to the landfill, as there are newest forms of clumping cat litter that are biodegradable. This litter is made from biodegradable material like pine dust and newspaper that is recycled. Instead of conventional disposal, you can just dig a hole in your backyard and drop it in there. This doubles it as manure that enriches your soil in the garden.

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Abigail Lautner

This is a very nice idea considering the number of cat owners in United States; the amount of litter that is sent for disposal is too high. An estimated one hundred thousand truckloads are sent for landfill and since most of it is non-biodegradable, it can be a serious load on the environment. So it is wise to pick the biodegradable clumping cat litter than the regular one even though if it is a little expensive than the regular one.

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