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Improper use of collar may injure or damage your dog's neck. Learn about different dog collars and determine which one is appropriate for your pet...

Poodles come in many colors and size - so do dog collars. There are many different types of collars a dog owner may choose from. Each one vary from another in terms of color,Guest Posting size and type. When you are out to shop for collars intended for your Poodles, you have to make sure that what you chose is appropriate for these proud dogs.

An owner may choose a collar that looks good around the neck of his pet. But this should not be the primary factor in choosing a perfect collar for there are more important things than just pleasing appearance. Safety, use and convenience should come first.

The most common type of collar is flat collar or buckle collar. Identification such as your dog's name, your name and contact info are usually attached in this type of collar. So if unfortunately your Poodle got lost while you are having a walk or out to shop for his toys, there is a greater chance of having him back having your contact information attached on his neck. Poodles have dense coat that usually attracts the crowd - and fleas as well. Flea infestation in Poodles can be quite difficult to treat given this breed's coat. Therefore a flea collar is a great option when your dog is at high risk of being infested with fleas. This flea collar is impregnated with chemicals that repel fleas.

A collar can be a great training tool too. Slip collars, prong collars, martingale collars and electronic collars are types of collars commonly used when training a dog. These collars, despite each others differences in style and design, control and prevent a dog from doing things you do not want to.

A collar could be made of nylon, metal, cotton or leather. Nylon, metal and leather collars are certainly strong and will definitely control your dog regardless of the size. However, these materials can irritate the skin given the fact that Poodles have sensitive skin and are prone to skin problems. Choosing a collar made of cotton is therefore a great idea. And since Poodles have unique head shape, there are collars specifically created for them. One for example is a martingale Poodle collar, a collar that prevents a Poodle from slipping out of it.

When you have finally decided what type of collar is best for your four-legged friend, do not forget to get more information on their proper use. Get a collar that fits perfectly around the neck of your dog. It shouldn't be too tight to squeeze his esophagus nor too loose to let him slip out.

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