Correcting Bad Dog Behavior

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This article is about correcting your dog's behavior and what you can do to make him/her compliant to your commands.

Dogs get into trouble all of the time. For starters,Guest Posting they can turn your squeaky-clean pad to a total mess in no time flat. But how can you find it in yourself to scold them when they amble up to you with remorseful, innocent, puppy-dog eyes?

Here's how.

How to keep him from chewing the wrong things: For starters, pups tend to gnaw on anything and everything they see. This can be remedied by crate training, or by placing your dog somewhere away from any areas that might be potentially harmful for him (like electrical wiring).

You can also provide chew toys (some are edible) and let him know which things are okay to gnaw on. Do not give him old things like shoes or socks to chew on. This might give him the idea that it's also okay to chew on your "other" shoes as well.

Remember that puppies don't differentiate between things that he can chew and those that he shouldn't. Anti-bite liquids, which are available in pet shops, can be sprayed onto items he shouldn't chew ' these liquids are bitter and will often keep him away from the item after a quick taste.

How to keep him from straying during walks: During walks, your dog may yank the leash to get closer to spots that interest him. To avoid being "dog handled," stand still and do not reinforce the dog's direction. As soon as he is settled (he comes close enough to have a slack in the leash), praise him for his good behavior.

How to keep him from making a fuss when you leave or arrive: Since he usually becomes agitated before you leave the home or after you return, your dog may be overly frantic when he sees you. When you see the signs of separation anxiety, take five minutes to just sit and ignore his pawing, whining, or any other attention-seeking action. Don't speak or look at him. After five minutes, go ahead with what you plan to do with your day.

How to keep him from greeting guests too enthusiastically: Similarly, he may become overly emotional when it comes to greeting guests. One technique would be to let your friends visit your home often. When your dog starts jumping around, both you and your friends should ignore him. This way, your pet can practice curbing his tendency to become very overwhelmed. When your dog has calmed down, ask your friends to praise him.

How to keep him from being rowdy for no reason: Sometimes, dogs can appear to have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) too. Behaviors like chasing inanimate objects or persistent barking for no reason are a few manifestations of doggy OCD. This usually means the dog is bored, or has energy that he'd like to find an outlet for. This is remedied by taking him out for exercise more often ' twice daily should be enough.

These are only a few examples of bad behavior in dogs. If he has other behaviors that bother you, check with his veterinarian for advice. Vets can help you train your dog to be the best friend you want him to be.

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