Easy Tips on How to Build Your Own Chicken Coop

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There are many different types of chicken coop plans, but if you want to pick the best models, you need to make sure they are convenient, cleanable, comfortable and closeable.

The chicken coop must be easy to close during the night,Guest Posting so rats and foxes can’t enter and attack the chickens.

It also needs to be comfortable, so the chickens can perch above the ground, ideally on a wooden perch, or on a chicken wire floor, if the coop is placed on stilts. Even during the night, the chicken digestion systems will still work, so their droppings will go through the chicken wire. You need good ventilation in the chicken coop, to allow them to breathe easily, even when they’re cooked up inside for longer periods of time. Ideally, you should also put inside nesting boxes, which are fairly dark and well ventilated. These boxes need to have wood shavings or fresh straws inside. You need a nesting box for each three hens that you own. You should keep the chicken coop open when it’s day outside, so they can get shelter inside in case of bad weather.

The chicken coop should be easy to clean thoroughly and on a regular basis. Good chicken coop plans will allow you to build something that can be cleaned with ease. Regular cleaning will help prevent many diseases. If you want something that can be cleaned easily, you should make a chicken coop that has hinged sections or removable sides. You will also find it easier to get the eggs out of the coop.

A chicken coop also needs to be convenient to use, so you need to consider a number of things when you choose a plan for it. For one, you should be able to move it easily, so take its weight into consideration and make it out of lightweight materials if possible. Also, you should consider easiness of access, since you should be able to get inside the chicken coop easily, to get the eggs out or to clean it.

If you want a good chicken coop plan, you should look at some coops that are already built, to see potential problems. Check and see if it meets your requirements, including the sizes, shapes and other details, like how many levels it has.

You should look for bargain materials, like salvaged timber or old furniture, which you can dismantle and use its parts. Clean all materials if they’re not new, to make sure any mites are killed and your chicken don’t get any diseases.

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