Listen To A Talking Cockatiel

Feb 8


Nancy Richards

Nancy Richards

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A wise old man had once told me - listen to a talking cockatiel and you will feel as happy as with a child. I did not understand his words until the day I decided to keep cockatiels as pets. Oh, they are simply adorable!


If you want to listen to a talking cockatiel,Listen To A Talking Cockatiel Articles you need to train it that way. Cockatiels, in the entire parrot family, are not well known as talkers. They are more famous for whistling tunes of your favorite songs. However, when it does, it is an experience to listen to a talking cockatiel. It is simply delightful to listen to a childish voice emanating from a cute, feathery, white bird.

Guests at my place are more eager to listen to a talking cockatiel than to the drab conversation among humans! Cockatiels can be picked up and played with. The cockatiels are so sweet and gentle by nature they provide unlimited entertainment to both old and young. Listen to a talking cockatiel whistle in glee when it sees corn and millets for lunch…and you will be rolling into laughter.

A cockatiel will make itself an integral part of your life. It is so cute you can't help but fall in love with the cute bundle of feathers. Your joy increases manifold when you listen to a talking cockatiel call out your name in public to remind you that you belong to it and no one else.

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