So You Want to Make A Blue Kerry Terrier Part of Your Family

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Owners of Blue Kerry Terriers say that once you have owned a Kerry,Guest Posting you will be a Blue Kerry Terrier lover forever.  These dogs make reliable and dependable hunting dogs, they can be an attentive and alert watchdog and they make a great companion dog.  People love their Kerry's for all these reasons and more.A question asked by many people who are considering getting a dog - no matter what breed, is can this dog be effortlessly housebroken.  That is usually a major issue and concern of everyone.  The answer is yes - the Blue Kerry Terrier is a dog that loves to learn and is easy to train.  So, housebreaking and other types of training should not be a problem when considering a Blue Kerry Terrier.Another good point about Blue Kerry Terriers is that they are a very tough and hardy type of terrier dog.  They are known to have very few genetic problems although you should be vigilant ask for certification that their eyes are healthy and hip x-rays before purchasing one of these breeds of dogs because these are the common known problems of a Kerry.There are other things to consider when thinking about getting a Blue Kerry Terrier as a member of your family.  They are a very rambunctious, curious and playful dog - people who are looking for a more sedate companion may need to think about it and consider getting another breed.  The Kerry also has a habit of following their loved ones around and some may find it annoying to always have their pet under their feet.But all in all - it seems that the positives out-weigh the potential negatives.  If you have thought about making a Blue Kerry Terrier part of your family - this should give you some points to consider before making the final decision. 

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