Start Your Basset Hound Training With Puppy Socialization

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Socialization is important in molding your basset hound's characteristics. Learn more about puppy socialization...

Basset Hound training may not be a very easy task because of this breed's strong-willed attitude. Being scent hounds with exceptional skill for tracking,Guest Posting they tend to follow what their noses tell them rather than obey commands of their masters.

But that doesn't mean Basset hound training is impossible. With proper methods of training, there is no way you cannot tame and train this breed with large head yet with sad and slightly sunken eyes.

The ideal way to start your Basset Hound training, or training any dog breed is through puppy socialization. Socialization period should start when the puppy is around three weeks old and ends around 12 weeks old. Puppy socialization period is important because it is during this time that a puppy develops relationships with people, other dogs as well as with other living beings in his environment.

In order to have a social and non-fearful dogs, here are some tips to consider:

Early handling. Puppies that are handled by humans early, say during the first five weeks of life are more confident, easier to train and do well as household pets. So from the moment a puppy was born, stroking her belly, touching her all over while talking to her gently while help you come up with a confident and well-socialized dog when he grows up.

Meet many people. A puppy should not be confined inside the four walls of your house much more inside the crate for the rest of his puppyhood. Before he reaches 12 weeks of age, a puppy should meet as many people as possible. Do this in a fun and non-threatening experience or else your pup will develop fear of strangers. Meeting with other dogs as well as other animals is also a great idea. Just make sure that you're pup is fully vaccinated before you take him to meet new friends.

Explore. As what I mentioned above, a puppy should not be confined to one spot alone. They should be given the freedom to explore your house, inside and outside. Just continue to supervise him to prevent mischief but give him the freedom to check things out for himself. If he wants to check the flower pot, let him. Just make sure the plant isn't poisonous neither can cause allergy.

Grooming. Grooming, bathing, clipping the nails, brushing the teeth are necessary to keep your puppy clean and pleasant. Apart from that, the procedures also contribute to your pup's socialization period.

Now that you have all these tips, there is no reason puppy socialization period should fail. And one last tip, always have fun with whatever Basset Hound training you have in mind.

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