The EasyBoot Cloud: The Best Therapeutic Horse Boot

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Are you looking for EasyBoot Cloud & The Best Therapeutic Horse Boot ?

EasyCare's EasyBoot Cloud is a prime example of the very best in therapeutic horse boots. Continue reading to learn how your horse can benefit from the EasyBoot Cloud. Does My Horse Need Horse Boots?

Can your horse benefit from the use of a therapeutic horse boot? If your horse experiences any of the following conditions,Guest Posting it's likely that they are ideal candidates for the EasyBoot Cloud:

  • Thin soles
  • Frequent abscesses
  • Stresses of shipping
  • Chronic lameness
  • Frequent/Recurring laminitis
  • Difficult or long recovery time after workouts
  •  Stalled on hard surfaces
  • General hoof problems
  • General lower limb problems

The EasyBoot Cloud is ideal for horses who are in need of therapeutic hoof treatment, designed to alleviate even the most troublesome of hoof conditions and provide additional relief when it truly matters.

More About the EasyBoot Cloud 

The EasyCare EasyBoot Cloud hoof boot was designed to provide optimal support, air circulation, and instant/ongoing relief for various conditions of the legs and hooves.

The new EasyBoot Cloud is not intended for use while riding; it is intended for use during recovery time in the stall or light turnout. It can be used in conjunction with the EasyCare therapy click system.

The padded collar provides pastern area relief, while three strategically-placed air vents provide incredible air circulation to keep the hooves nice and cool while simultaneously preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. The edges of the industrial-strength Cordura uppers are rounded off for safety and comfort.

The EVA standard pad is one of the most notable features of the EasyBoot Cloud; the EVA comfort pad conforms to your horse's hoof and provides top-tier support and additional comfort. The cell EVA comfort pad may wear down over time, but never fear; replacement pads can be purchased and re-inserted whenever needed.

 Supportive tread under the boot spreads weight evenly across the entire solar area, reducing the loading of the peripheral hoof wall.

Velcro ensures that there is always a secure fit, and the back of the boot folds down for easy installation and removal.

The boots are available in different sizes, ranging from 00 to 8. Check out our size chart to find the perfect size for your horse.

Corro: Best Online Store for EasyBoot Rx

Corro proudly carries a wide range of EasyCare horse boots that will find their way to your wish list.

With the use of EasyBoot Cloud boots, your horse will be on their way to achieving comfort and relief in their hooves. To learn more about the new EasyBoot Cloud and EasyBoot's therapeutic hoof boot system, check out customer reviews, and to place an order, click here.

To speak with a member of the Corro team for help with your purchase, give us a call anytime at 866-962-6776. Our experienced team members are here to assist you with finding the right product for you and your horse.

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