Treating Fleas in Kittens

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There are many products available to get rid of fleas on your cat, but are these products safe to use on kittens?

When you ask an owner of a cat how she gets rid of fleas from her beloved feline,Guest Posting you will surely receive lots of advice. You will undoubtedly receive a list of flea products that she has tried on her cat as well. However, if you would ask how you can get rid of fleas from your kitten, well, you just might not receive that many pieces of advice.

Kittens, being young, do not really have that strong an immune system yet. Thus, you cannot really use just any product that you would with an adult cat on your young kitten. After all, feline flea products would understandably contain chemicals, and exposure to such chemicals can even result to fatalities for your kitten. Thus, you have to be very wary about this particular scenario.

Of course, you can just choose to leave the fleas on your kitten and just wait for it to grow a bit older so that by then, you can already use flea products on it. This would be the wise thing to do, right? Wrong. In fact, no veterinarian would recommend any cat owner to do this at all. After all, fleas feed on the blood of their host. If this condition is left untreated, it would not take long for your kitten to develop the potentially fatal condition of anemia. Thus, you should not consider just shelving the problem off until your kitten is old enough to handle the chemicals that come with flea products. You still have to do something about the situation.

Since this is the case, then the wise thing to do is to consult your veterinarian. This way, your vet can determine the appropriate flea product that you should use on your kitten. Your vet would have to consider a lot of aspects for this, such as the age of your kitten, its physical size, and the severity of the flea condition. This way, your vet can choose the flea product that would best suit your kitten.

Kitten owners do not really have that many choices of methods to turn to in getting rid of fleas. However, you can also resort to using the flea comb, which is a fine-tooth comb that can brush off fleas from your kitten's fur. Of course, this can be a bit of a hassle on your part. Just make sure you have a basin of soapy water in which you can drop the fleas so that they would indeed be killed in the process.

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