Your Dog and Important Holiday Safety

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The holiday season can be tricky to navigate with your dog.  They are part of your family so you want to spend time with them, but you also want to keep them safe and not stress them.  You can share happy holidays with your pup if you plan ahead and avoid common pitfalls.

You and your pet are inseparable.  You want them to be around for the holidays,Guest Posting but you worry about the possible problems.  You want to be aware of the dangers that lurk.  But once you are you and your pet can happily enjoy the holiday.


Problem Foods


Holidays and food go hand in hand.  But with all that temptation you have to be vigilant about what your dog has access too.  When you have family and friends around you also usually have some of the big problems foods and drinks around.


·        Chocolate:  Chocolate, and coffee, contain xanthines.  In dogs this causes damage in the nervous and urinary systems, and can cause excessive stimulation of the heart.  Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are the most dangerous for your dog, but you’ll want to keep all chocolate out of your dog’s reach.  Even if your pet doesn’t suffer any of the more serious affects you may still have to take care of a dog with diarrhea.   And who wants that!



·        Alcohol:  When friends and family are around for holiday gatherings there will also be drinks around.  Alcohol and pets don’t mix.  Dogs are drawn to the sweet taste of mixed drinks and holiday specialties like eggnog, but they can be lethal.  Keep an eye on drinks set on easily accessible coffee tables.  After the party resist the urge to wait to clean up, clear leftover drinks up right away.


Be careful what goes under your tree.  You may want to wrap up a treat for your special pup.  Don’t put it under the tree, at least not unattended!  Your dog will smell something yummy under there and you risk him eating more than just his present.  Trees and holiday plants can cause upset stomachs and irritation.  Don’t tempt your puppy by putting treats next to them.  If you want a package under the tree for your favorite pup choose from a selection of favorite dog toys.  Or get your dog some aromatherapy shampoos to enjoy after the holidays to help relax.  You can look up dog shampoo reviews to choose the best one.


Decoration Troubles


Holiday decorations are shiny, shimmery, and sooooo tempting for a dog to play with.  There are two major concerns when it comes to holiday decorations.


·        Intestinal Blockage.  This happens when your dog eats strings, ribbons, bows, yarn, or Christmas decorations like tinsel.  When your dog eats these things they can become stuck in their intestines requiring surgery to heal.


·        Cuts and other lacerations.  Dogs love to play with balls or other things that may look like favorite dog toys.  And they will use their mouths to explore them.  Glass decorations can easily break and cut your pooch.



Bringing Home a Puppy


A new puppy needs all of your love and attention.  They are full of energy and can easily find trouble.  The holidays are a far from an ideal time to add a new puppy to your home.  If you had been planning on giving a dog as a gift consider alternative options.  Put together a basket of favorite dog toys.  Or a basket of all the things they’ll need like brushes, jackets, or organic dog shampoo.  You can choose the shampoo using dog shampoo reviews.  Then when things calm down after the holiday you’ll be ready for your new pet.


A Relaxing After Holiday Activity


You’ve made it through the holiday.  Now it’s time to relax.  Treat your dog to some aromatherapy.  Consult dog shampoo reviews to find the best option for you.


Keep your pup out of urgent care this holiday season by avoiding the big don’ts and not over-indulging your dog.


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