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The mark of a ... person is not ... in knowing all the answers, but ... where to find ... ... I guess being a teacher means I have to give a little lesson on h

The mark of a well-educated person is not necessarily in knowing all the answers,Guest Posting but in
Knowing where to find them
Douglas Everett

Well, I guess being a teacher means I have to give a little lesson on how to study. You study your craft of being a musician now let me help you become a better businessperson.

The only real way to get better is to learn as much you can about what you are doing.
Familiarize yourself with the business part of the music industry. Laws referring to original compositions, distribution rights, agents lawyers, copyright infringements, and royalties, are important to investigate. Your are actually operating a small business, and taking a business course or two, and reading up on some subjects be it a source book, or monthly publication, is a smart move. Your awareness of what is happening in the financial world is crucial.
Pavarotti, world famous opera singer, is in litigation with the Italian government who says he owes 12 million dollars in back taxes. How does this Happen?

Listed below are some web sights and reading material that will help you understand the music business and keep you from making some simple mistakes. Take time to look at all of the pages listed and bookmark the ones that you think will be helpful.

Performing Rights Organizations
Songwriters, Copyrights, forms, publishers
BMI Bmi.com
ASCAP ascap.com
SESAC sesac.com/gov

U.S. Copyrights lcweb.loc.copyright/forms
General Business Sources
Small business Development Center 1.800.827.5722
Wall Street Journal
Forbes Magazine
Money Magazine

Music Business

Reading Material
How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet
The Musicians Atlas 2001
Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook & Auto tape
The Indie Contact Bible
Gig Magazine

All these books are available at amazon.com or your local bookstore

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Tom inherited a flair for business from his father, an executive for Phar-mor. Always a leader, he sang with, managed, and marketed The Acts, and co-owned a recording studio.

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