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Facebook is the best social media website.

The digital advertisements have become a common medium for advertisers to market their products because generally,Guest Posting all the young generation is always active on the internet and spend the majority of their time on. Another reason is the advantage of digital ads over physical ads, digital ads are shown to your actual target market but your physical ads are shown to everyone regardless they are targeted or not.  When you think of ads on the social media only name of the Facebook comes to your mind.

Facebook is used by all of the younger generation and has around 2 billion monthly active users and it captures around 35% of the total digital ad spending which amounts to 12 billion approximately.

Types of Ads

  1. Photo ads

Photo ad is an ad format that is shown on the right column or on the newsfeed of the Facebook page, you can only use one photo in the photo ads and you should only fill 20% of your photo with text otherwise you will get penalized for it and your ad’s reach would be reduced. In this ad, you can add text description above and link description below. It is the most popular type of the entire ads format on the Facebook. This ad format works on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

  1. Video ads

Video ad is another popular ad format on the Facebook, works on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook.  In the desktop version, the ad plays when a user clicks on it but in a mobile version, it plays automatically.  The size of your video ad should not exceed more than 2.3 GB. These ads are only shown in the newsfeed.

  1. Carousel

Carousel is an ad format that contains two or more pictures or videos in an ad and the maximum limit is 10 pictures or videos in a single ad, it also works on both mobile and desktop versions of the Facebook. It appears on the newsfeed of the Facebook and is a great choice of those who want to show many products in a single ad or those who want to show a product in many ways.

  1. Canvas

Another ad that works only on the mobile version of the Facebook is Canvas. Canvas ad is an interactive full-screen ad that contains photos, videos, and texts.  These ads appear on the newsfeed and when a user clicks on it, the user is taken into a full-screen mode where he finds complete details about the brand.  

  1. Slideshows

Slideshows ad is the mixture of photos and videos that work on both mobile and desktop version of the Facebook. A user can upload up to 10 photos in a slideshows ad format, which is being added and played in a single video format. These ads are the great way to target those people who live in an area where internet speed is a problem or it is more expensive.

  1. Collection

The Facebook has recently launched collection ad that shows the collection of your products with the help of many images combined in a video. You can add up to 50 images in these ads first, a user is shown one product in his newsfeed and accompanied by four additional products below it but when a user clicks on it, he is shown the entire products catalog with the help of 50 images. Collection ad is only available in the mobile version of the Facebook.

Targeting Audience

With the help of the Facebook, we can target audience based on three criteria, ads will be shown based on this criteria.

  1. Demographic

With the Demographic option, you can target audience according to the age, gender, location, language, education level, and others option.  

  1. Interest

With the help of the Interest option, you can target audience according to their page likes, their hobbies, and their other interest.  

  1. Behavior

With the help of the Behavior option, you can target audience according to their purchase behavior, device usage, and their other activities.

Other targeting options

  1. Custom audience

The custom audience is the type of targeting option that allows you to target customers according to your own list it can be either those, who visit your page once a week or all the people, who have liked your page.  

  1. Lookalike audience

Lookalike audience is the type of targeting option with which a user can target those, who have something in common with the existing customers or have similar interest.


These are some of the basic features of Facebook advertisement that every marketer and especially advertiser must know, as this is the best way to target users who belong to the internet generation. The main advantage of this ad medium is the option to show ads to only the potential customers, the option that we do not have on the non-internet advertisement mediums.

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