Bending Some Rules in Booklet Printing

Feb 10


Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks

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What are some of the rules in booklet printing that we can bend

It has been said that some rules are meant to be bent or broken. In booklet printing,Bending Some Rules in Booklet Printing Articles this can be true. You may sometimes need to go beyond the rules and do something very different.

This is if you want to create an original booklet for your project or business. The main question though becomes, “what rules exactly can you bend?” Well in this article, I will give you some of the rules that you can bend to make your printing output unique and original.

Let us start with the simplest standard rule of dimensions.

• Beyond the standard dimensions – If you look at the standard printing dimensions, you will see that there are always a few common values. In most cases, the rule is to just choose the closest one you need from these common values. If you want to go beyond this however, you can just customize the dimensions to your specifications.

If you want more mobile color booklets you may want to print really pocket sized ones that are easy to carry. You may also want to print very large ones for sales purposes and PR portfolios to get that big impact. Just tell your booklet printer what exact dimensions you want and usually they will be happy to bend the rules for you at a small cost.

• Beyond the usual printing materials – The paper for booklets can also be changed to something new looking. From normal paper, you can actually try going beyond the usual rules and use other printing materials. Plastic booklets can be good if you want to make reference booklets that last quite a long time. Those with special glossy or chemically treated paper will help in creating really impressive sales booklets to the consumer. You can use plenty of remarkable options that are beyond the usual standards.

• Using different binding techniques for great effect – You may also want to change the usual practice of staple binding to other kinds for a special effect. For example, some may benefit from string binding with special strings that add to the novelty of its design. In addition, you may want to use special eyes and eyelets to make it possible for people to get booklets that they can string several pieces together. There are plenty of options for this, so just ask around and see what other extraordinary binding techniques you can use.

• Using different shapes – Finally, you can just go all the way and change the shape. From the usual rectangle, you may want to change its printing shape to something more interesting and familiar. For example, they can be made according to the shape of your product. You may also want a specially shaped color booklet for special Promo kits with a certain type of theme. This of course will require a great deal of customization and will come at a cost, but it will be all worth it.

Great! So why not try to bend or break the rules of booklet printing from time to time? You will never really know all your options until you try some of them. Good Luck!