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There was a time when companies used to hire an SEO India firm looking at how best the team is at link building or posting hundreds of articles on different article submission sites. With rapid changes in the SEO world and with Google updating its algorithms – Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, SEO companies in India needs to work hard in helping a website get the desired high ranking on all popular search engines. The SEO firm you choose needs to handle your site’s SEO activities with utmost care.

It is important for you to ask certain questions to the SEO company since search engines have become quite strict on strategies you adopt in order to improve rankings of your website. So,Guest Posting if you want your online business to grow and expand, you need to make sure that you have logical answers to these simple and fair questions.

  1. Can you provide me a complete list of your last successful projects or clients?

An SEO India firm you are planning to hire should be happy to share their list of former projects and clients with you without any hesitation. Rather, they should be proud to share some of their outstanding achievements in the field of search engine optimization and marketing. Getting the list will help you understand the reputation of the concerned company and how they have successfully handled all their previous SEO projects.

  1. Are you aware of webmaster guidelines related to search engines and do you follow them?

It is very important for you to hire an SEO India company that abides by all webmaster practices set by Google. This will help your website to automatically achieve a higher ranking on all search engines without the fear of getting banned online. Most SEO firms resort to tricks like spam content, bogus and hidden text links, etc. If your SEO company practices these black hat techniques, then better stay away from the company and look for another company that do not follow unethical SEO.

  1. How will you improve the search engine rankings of my website?

This question you must ask your SEO service provider – how they have decided to go with the SEO activities of your site, and what they will do to improve its ranking? A confident answer to this question will help you choose the best SEO firm in India. They must explain every on-page and off-page strategy and the estimated duration for improving your site’s ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. They should take a realistic approach to meet your goals including traffic flow increase and higher sales.

  1. Can you ensure No.1 ranking of my site on major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo?

A good, reliable SEO company will never guarantee you this. The one that promises you this right away is not ethical enough and may simply fool you. So, make sure you do not believe in such tales and check the credibility of the company before hiring.

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