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Custom USB Memory sticks are destined to be the next big thing in the USB Memory Stick space - increasingly companies are turning to bespoke and custom USB memory sticks to get their brand and message across and stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve got an important announcement,Guest Posting product launch or brand launch and you want to tell people about it then, one way is to commission a custom USB memory stick. Whilst the USB Memory stick won’t do the job for you on its own it will, when used as part of a co-ordinated campaign, increase significantly the amount of “buzz and excitement” around any such announcement.

Custom USB Memory sticks are Memory Sticks that are manufactured in a 2-D or 3-D shape to match your product or

brand characteristics. Think of say a memory stick in the shape of a car to support the launch of a new model – not just any old car shape but a proper 3-D representation of the car down to the smallest of detail.

With the advances in technology the USB factories can now supply pretty much anything and they can do so at a fraction of the cost from a couple of years ago. The challenge is more to do with the idea or concept to support any initiative rather than can the shape be moulded and produced.

There are plenty of excellent examples of custom USB memory sticks around including USB Batteries, USB Erasers, USB Wine Bottles, USB Beer Bottles, USB Explosive Signs, USB Guitars and so on.

When these custom USB sticks are handed out at an event they create a frisson that can almost be felt. It would be easy to over state the impact but whilst people are now used to getting standard branded memory sticks a custom USB memory stick is still a little different and they do raise the excitement levels.

So if you have some exciting news then extend that passion into the vehicle you use to deliver the message. A press release handed out on an A4 sheet of paper no matter how you dress it up simple won’t deliver the same “wow” as a custom USB memory stick loaded up with your company or product launch material, images, presentations etc.

Custom USB memory sticks also have a life beyond the event they are designed for. The recipient of the sticks is typically keen to “show off” the stick and this in itself creates a viral type of advertising. Not only this but because they can be used to store and transport data just like any standard USB memory stick they will get used and through usage the brand on the ship will continue to get promoted.

There are plenty of companies offering branded USB memory sticks but far fewer with real experience in the delivery of custom memory sticks. USB2U in the UK is one such company that can be relied on to deliver against the most challenging of requests.

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