Don't Just Advertise, Track Your Advertising!

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... is not an exact science, so you need to give yourself every ... when it comes to ... where to spend your ... you place your Contact or ... info at the endo

Advertising is not an exact science,Guest Posting so you need to give yourself
every advantage, when it comes to determining where to spend your budget!

When you place your Contact or Autoresponder info at the end
of the ad, do it so it's a simple clickable link:

put ?subject=key after your email address.


Or if you prefer to just drive traffic to your web site
you can use the same concept just a different format.


Then when you check your stats from your counter program
you'll see the different keys representing where your visitors
came from.

Always use a short descriptive Key, and always keep a record
of which Key goes with which ad!


Ad placed in John Doe's Weekly Mktg Tips

Key used = "JD"

Set up a simple text record to keep track of your results:

Source URL-Key Ad-Key Date Type ****************************************************************************
IMS Ezine IMS 01/01/01 Ad
World Profit WP 02/15/01 Banner

I have a half dozen Ezine ads running at all times
and if I didn't key my ads, I wouldn't know which
ones were getting the best response. A few months
ago I paid approx $90 for a 3 line ad in a well
know Ezine and at the same time I paid $25 for a
5 line ad in a lesser know one.

Guess which one gave me the highest response rate?
Yup, that's right, the $25 ad out pulled the $90 ad almost 2 to 1,
and if I hadn't keyed my ads, I would probably have spent another
$90 the following month, when the $25 ad would have been the
smarter choice!

I hope the above info is helpful, but remember the number one
reason most people fail when promoting their program is they
give up too soon.

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to
the average entrepreneur, but it still takes time. Time to place
the ads, time to track the ads, time to hone your ad writing
skills and time for your prospects to accept what you're
trying to sell. Most people won't even check out an
opportunity til they've seen it at least 4 times!

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