Effective Layouts for Various Types of Marketing Flyers

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What are the effective layouts that can be used for different flyers

An effective layout for flyers does not stem from the use of flyer templates. Custom flyer printing requires a more deliberate and purposeful layout for it to be able to sell or market something quite effectively.

Therefore,Guest Posting if you are still sticking to templates as a basis for your design, you might want to rethink your strategy. Let me give you five easy to do and simple layouts that always results in effective marketing flyers. Just follow the tips listed below and you will see.

• The headline layout – One of the most basic layouts is the headline layout. In this design, you need a very noticeable headline or title that should be displayed prominently at the top part. The headline should be in large format with a simple but bold font. It can have a very attractive and bright color or a simple bold black would be good as well. Of course, the text alignment should be centred for a balanced layout. The rest of your content (images and supporting text), will then flow directly below this headline.

This is a great layout to use if you have composed a very catchy and powerful title or slogan. The headline will attract the readers you need and become the most memorable part as well. So if you are a great writer of marketing slogans, you can use this best flyer layout.

• The portrait layout – Now, on the flipside of a headline layout is a portrait layout. Just like the headline layout, this kind of layout hinges on one main design element. In this case, we have the main portrait image. This layout has this main portrait image displayed prominently in the layout. Usually it is placed at the dead center of the design and it should encompass more than half the flyer page itself. The rest of the supporting texts are placed at the bottom or even at the back of the flyer so as not to bother the portrait itself.

Needless to say, the portrait itself will carry the whole brunt of the work of communicating the message in this layout. So you will need a great image that will tell the whole story for you. Of course, since a picture paints a thousand words, it should be easy enough to get your message across with the right image. This layout is best used for advertising as well as P.R. flyers.

• The newsletter layout – Now, we also have the newsletter layout for the more informative ones. This layout has you creating a small one-page newsletter in your color flyer. Imagine the layout having several texts in columns with small-boxed images and headlines for each section. This is a perfect choice for information flyers to communicate to people.

• The sectional layout – Lastly, we have the sectional layout. This kind of layout has the different elements of your content divided into sections. You may have a box for your advertising content, another box for ordering information and still another section box for coupons or special offers. This is a great layout for sales flyers to give out many different kinds of information and material. Therefore, if you are offering different kinds of promotions, discounts as well as other important information, you should use this layout for your color flyers.

Is there any specific kind of layout that looks useful for you? You should try out some of these layouts for a test run. They should work well for many of the common color flyers that you may want to produce. Good Luck!

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