I am on a Budget. What are the Least Expensive Promotional Products?

Jun 6


Gareth Parkin

Gareth Parkin

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You need to promote your business, but your promotional budget is tight. Choosing to spend some of that tight budget on promotional products is a good idea. For a small amount of money, you can get great exposure if you choose the right products and distribute them effectively.


Here are some of the less expensive,I am on a Budget. What are the Least Expensive Promotional Products? Articles yet highly effective, promotional products are powerful marketing and advertising tools. They can sit on a refrigerator door for years, getting the attention of potential customers each time they need a glass of milk or quick snack. They are very inexpensive, effective promotional products which are sure to meet the tightest of budgetary requirements.

Sticky note pads – These small square note pads are inexpensive items that are always appreciated by their recipients. They not only advertise your business to the person who receives the notepad, but they also advertise your business to the people who receive the notes that are written on them.

Chip Clips – These clips that hold a bag of chips or other snack item closed tightly are always snatched up by potential customers when offered. Your company's pertinent information can be imprinted right on the clip and viewed every time potential customers have a snack attack.

Rulers – Rulers are very useful items and they can be turned into a business card by imprinting your company's information on them.

Luggage tags – Imprint your company's information and leave the other side blank for customer's to write their information on before they attach it to their luggage. Make the tags brightly colored, and you will have created a very practical promotional product that will get used.

Computer screen cleaners – These little items are like dry squeegees for a computer screen that scrapes away the dust.

Computer calendars – These ruler-like calendars attach directly to the top of the monitor's casing and are a long lasting advertising item.

Each of the items mentioned above can be bought for under $1 a piece and are very practical items. Promotional products don't need to be expensive and flashy. They just need to advertise your business clearly, be very useful, and be distributed effectively.

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