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How to make your brochures last longer.

Your color brochures will not last forever. Even the most robust and thick brochure template cannot really stand all that punishment from the environment.

However,Guest Posting if you really need to make your brochures last long there are a few things that you can adjust in your brochure printing options for them to stand the test of time. In this small guide, we will share with you a few of this brochure printing options which can make your color brochures last long; thus giving you more exposure.

• Design for rainy days – The most obvious thing that you should do to make your brochures last long is to shield them from moisture and dirt. To do this, you need to print your color brochures in special materials. Most brochure printing services can offer special paper stocks for brochures that can resist water and dirt.

This is usually done through special paper coatings that make the brochure paper less permeable. Water and dirt should slide off quite easily from the custom brochures like this with an effect that is very similar to plastic. With this, brochures would be less susceptible to deterioration making them last longer than other paper brochures. This also has a nice side effect of making your brochures look glossy and professional.

• Thicker and stronger – Next, you should also consider printing your brochures in thicker and stronger paper. This is to protect them from common physical damage like tears, folds, cuts and others. Thick and strong papers are typically resistant to small-scale physical damage, with no apparent reduction in quality.

Other types of paper will easily be destroyed or distorted due to external factors, which stronger brochure card stocks can take. So always, print your brochures in thick and strong paper. It will be well worth the money in investing on them.

• Good quality inks – Lastly, you may also want to preserve the quality of your inks and designs. Some brochure printers out there just use normal inkjet printers that can smudge or fade easily. If you really want to make your brochures last the test of time you should specify your brochure printing options to use the best quality inks possible.

Special best quality inks may sound expensive but they stick to paper better, and in most cases dries quickly while making photorealistic images. Your brochure inks would also be preserved for a long time to come, lasting months or even years longer than those cheap and smudgy inks.

That is all the information that you need to know to make sure your brochures last long. Just adapt them to your work if you can, and you should have no troubles in your brochure printing. Good Luck!

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