P.P.P.P. (Promotional Products Produce Profits)

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Promo Products Produce Profits!  I bet you can't say that five times fast, but I bet that promotional products can help your business increase efficiency, lower expenses, and increase revenues.

There are 3.5 things every business wants to accomplish.  Most of us would be happy to find a product that could help accomplish any one of these things.  Finding a total solution that can bring about all 3.5 of them... well that only happens once in a blue moon.  Well the moon must be blue,Guest Posting because promotional products can help your business achieve each and every one of them.  Here they are in no particular order:1.  LOWER EXPENSES

  • Promotional advertising costs less than other advertising media like TV, internet, radio, newspapers, or magazines.  The average CPI (Cost Per Impression) of a promotional product is $.004 (way less than a penny!), and as a result, you can get a more favorable return on investment than with nearly all other popular advertising media.
  • Use promotional products to motivate and reward your employees for practicing desirable work habits.  For example, when your people are rewarded for working safely, you'll spend less on avoidable expenses such as workers compensation.
  • Use advertising specialties to attract new customers.  The vast majority of promotional products (81%) are kept because they are considered useful.  And most recipients (62%) have done business with the advertiser on a promotional item after receiving it.
  • Giving appropriate promotional items will help you retain current customers.  Send thank you gifts and referral appreciation gifts to help maintain a great relationship with your clients.  Your customers will be impressed (and so will anyone who happens to see your company's logo on the promotional item as your customer carries it around on their person).
  • Use promotional products to develop your business!  Whether you're launching a new product or service, trying to increase trade show traffic, or initiating a direct mail campaign, promotional products can be used to add that creative punch you need to get your project going.
  • Motivate your team!  It'll go a long way toward helping you achieve maximum efficiency from your people.  Using promotional products as part of an awards and recognition program is a sure-fire way to help provide that motivation.  Reward your employees for achieving desirable results, and you've got yourself a proven system to help increase efficiency in your business.
  • It's your ultimate goal.  It's every business's ultimate goal.  If you're doing the three things above (lower expenses, increase revenues, and increase efficiency), you will increase your profit.  I can help you do that through the use of promotional products.

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