Promotional Golf Umbrellas – Not Just For The Golf Course

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Golf umbrellas are not just for the golf course. The beauty of promotional umbrellas is that they can be used in so many different settings.

As well as on the golf course,Guest Posting golf umbrellas can be seen at the beach, the cricket, the football and even at children's sports days. Add to that the high usage of umbrellas for community events, and even clusters of umbrellas sheltering market stalls, and you soon see that promotional umbrellas are seen at the beach. People passing by notice them for their visual appeal. On a particularly hot day they may attract envious looks from people who'd like some shade. No matter what attracts their glance, your logo is in their line of sight. That all reinforces your brand name and heightens awareness of what you have to offer.

All of those people who notice your promotional umbrellas are potential customers. If they aren't in the market for your services or products right now, they may be in the future. Don't underestimate word of mouth. They may pass on your company details. How many times have you jotted down a number you've seen in passing because you thought it would be useful for yourself, a colleague, friend or family member?

But now for the jackpot. Some of those participants are bound to take your umbrella to a televised sporting event for some shade or to fend off the rain. Mad keen sports fans aren't going to let either scorching sun or rain stop them. They come prepared, and part of their sports outing toolkit is the trusty umbrella. When the television cameras pan the crowd and home in on a spectator with your branded umbrella, imagine the kudos and awareness factor for your company.

Given the number of televised local, regional, national and even international outdoor sporting events, that umbrella with your brand name could be seen on television by thousands, if not millions of viewers at home.  Do you know the cost of television advertising? Let me tell you, a promotional umbrella campaign is a very inexpensive investment.

In Australia a popular radio station encouraged listeners to be creative with getting the station logo on television at televised outdoor events.  Incentives were given and of course, it created a media buzz too. Like the radio company, you can get other people you don't even know to partner with you in advertising your business. All it takes is deciding on your promotional umbrella campaign. You can start right away.

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