Promotional Pens Four Great Things To Go With Them

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Promotional pens are your best vehicle in creating a big buzz about your company and the products and services you are offering.

Promotional pens are handy and very useful for everyone,Guest Posting of all ages, economic background and educational attainment. A college student can take lectures with it; a carpenter can use it to draft his latest woodworking project; a work at home mom will find it useful for her grocery lists; a lawyer can use it to draft his latest Petition or Motion. The list for a pen's use is endless; if one can read, write or draw, he can find some good use with a pen.

Nonetheless, your promotional pens can go along with great items and accessories to make it more interesting. Below are some take:

Memo pads

What's the use of a pen if there were no paper? You can have memo pads custom-made, too, to go with your promotional pens. You can ask a printer to emboss or print your logo or company name at the top or bottom of the pad. You can also add your company address and contact numbers. If you plan to add this information, ask your printer for design templates that you can use to make them appear less cluttered.

Pocket Calendar

Aside from taking notes, your promotional pens can be used to list tasks or to-dos in a pocket calendar. So, why not save your clients the trouble of buying their own pocket calendar and bundle your promotional pens with an inexpensive, thin and pocket-sized calendar? This is a great marketing scheme especially if your products are consumable items, for instance a homemade vinegar and steak sauce. Every week, you can include pre-made notes on the to-do list, such as, "Buy XYZ Steak Sauce for dinner."


If you want your promotional pens to stay on your client's desk, bundle it with a penholder. Your penholder will be great it will double its purpose as paperweights. Your penholder/paper weights can be customized also. You can also add your company logo or slogan on it.

Promotional Lanyard

A pen is an item that people usually misplaced because of its small size. If you want to make sure that every prospective client would take home your pen and won't misplace it, accessorize it with a promotional lanyard to add value to your cheap pen and, of course, for them not to misplace it (and instead carry them over their necks like a necklace).

In fact, you can extend your promotion through the lanyards. You can also custom-made it and add your company name on this long string.

There are many other items that can go well with a promotional pen. It is a very versatile item that you can pair it to almost anything, like mugs, mouse mats and other office supplies. Just use your imagination to come up with a pair that goes together well.

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