SEO for Startups: Tips from Best Search Engine Optimization Company in India

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India has the 3[d largest startup ecosystem in the world, according to Startupindia. Moreover, as per the Economic Survey of 2021-22, 14000 startups were recognized in the fiscal year 2022. The number of startups is snowballing, but every startup does not become a unicorn.

Startups have to find customers online,Guest Posting and their primary flow of customers comes through search engines, that is, their website. Therefore, SEO for startups is significant and beneficial. Though startups should not solely rely on SEO, they should start implementing SEO from day one of their business. 

Search engine algorithms are ever-changing, and keeping up with them can be a daunting task, hence, partnering with SEO service providers can be beneficial in the long run.

Let us read below how startups should approach SEO and reap maximum benefits from their efforts and reach on top of the search engine result page.

SEO tips from the best search engine optimization company India
  • Identify business goals and use SEO accordingly

Before embarking on SEO for startups, it is essential to identify business goals which can be anything from traffic and brand awareness to high ROI. SEO can help achieve every goal if done correctly. Moreover, it also helps generate targeted and right kind of traffic instead of just ‘traffic.’

For an instance, one of the business goals is to boost brand visibility. Here, content relevancy will not be a priority, but competitive keyword research will top the priority list. 

Conversely, if your aim is to drive targeted leads, topics with little competition but high relevancy will be the focus. 

  • Generate ideas and content based on business goals

The basic requirement of SEO for startups is content. That said, SEO strategies will be implemented only through the content, and it can be in various forms like,

  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • Video, images, or infographics 
  • Ebook

A website needs more content than only product pages to gain maximum results from SEO and rank high. In addition, the topic of content should directly relate to your business goals. For example, generating ideas with high traffic potential and limited competition is essential to increase brand visibility. 

However, it might not be possible for business owners to create quality content regularly with so much on the plate already. Still, an SEO service provider can generate engaging content central to your business and boost website traffic. 

  • Use keywords strategically

Keywords are the soul of SEO because they are the search terms that audiences use to find solutions to their problems. Hence, it is significant to use keywords strategically and gain high profit. 

  • Use long-tail keywords (3 - 5 words) to target specific audiences
  • Use low competition keywords in the initial phase 
  • Use keywords that focus on the user’s intent

Like informational (e.g., types of SEO services), navigational (e.g., Instagram login), transactional (e.g., buy woolen sweater), commercial (e.g., iPhone 12 review)

  • Use tools like Google keyword planner
  • Address technical SEO issues

Often businesses do not succeed because they do not consider solving the technical SEO issues. However, when implementing SEO for startups, it is necessary to keep the technical SEO clean; otherwise, it can create problems in indexing and ranking in search engines. 

Technical SEO is a deep and complex concept and can be well managed by a best search engine optimization company in India. However, some common technical SEO issues include,

  • Duplicate title tags
  • Lack of authentic content
  • Poor implementation of robots.txt and XML sitemaps
  • Defective analytics that fails to track user actions
  • Prioritize on-page optimization (RF)

On-page optimization should be the biggest priority because it directly relates to user experience, and Google also considers the websites that provide a better user experience. However, business owners might not be able to cope with the technical factors connected to on-page optimization. Hence, it is beneficial to partner with a good SEO service provider.

Below are the on-page factors to consider for SEO strategy,

  • Descriptive URLs that include keywords
  • Specific and relevant post title
  • Headings that are broken into H1, H2, H3
  • Keyword-rich content
  • Optimized images and videos
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Include internal links at appropriate places

SEO is essential for startups to dominate their niche and rank high in SERP, increasing ROI. Some of the free SEO tools to facilitate SEO implementation includes Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. 

However, the implementation of comprehensive SEO strategies can be well managed and effectively carried out by an efficient search engine optimization company in India.

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