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Promotional mugs are a fantastic way to help get out your corporate name and logo, however they are really only best used when part of a much larger marketing strategy. As with all things business it is important not to put all of your eggs in one basket, and in this case that basket is promotional mugs.

Now before we go any further with this discussion it must be made clear that promotional mugs,Guest Posting as are pens, T-shirts, really anything cheap enough to be given away and robust enough to be branded. Not everything makes a good promotional item to be given away with promotional mugs, but so long as you stay within the traditional norms of promotional items it is unlikely that you or your marketing team will go wrong.

The whole idea behind passing out promotional mugs is to increase your brand awareness, so ideally you should look for other items that will also increase your brand awareness, but not fill the same area already occupied by promotional mugs. For instance you would not want to give out promotional cups alongside promotional mugs, because more than likely they will end up side-by-side and you have just wasted an opportunity to spread your marketing message to a different area of the consumers house.

Refrigerator magnets are a fantastic idea to pass out alongside promotional mugs, because they feel slightly different spaces within the same area. For instance while a promotional mug may be in the kitchen, they are generally not stored next to the refrigerator. Moreover, refrigerator magnets are fantastic because people always end up looking at the refrigerator before they open it, thus ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

There are some instances, however, where you will not want to pass out all types of additional promotional items alongside your promotional mugs. For instance if you are passing promotional mugs on at the office there is really no need to pass out additional promotional items beyond promotional pens. Pens are a fantastic thing to give out at the office and will work well alongside a promotional mug, however passing out refrigerator magnets at the office not only makes little sense, but in the end would only be a waste of your marketing budget. Really like in many other areas of life commonsense is key here when deciding what additional items to pair up with your promotional mugs in order to create a robust and well-rounded marketing campaign.

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