Top Local SEO Techniques That Is Going To Dominate In Rest 2016

May 14


Ashley prince

Ashley prince

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Just like other years, even in 2016, SEO will gain importance as it is important to drive traffic to the website, increase the visibility of the site, boost the brand and give your business credibility it needs to get success.


Without proper SEO techniques,Top Local SEO Techniques That Is Going To Dominate In Rest 2016 Articles no one can aim to get quality traffic that can be converted into sales.

Now, if you are planning to replicate the techniques used for local SEO in 2015, you will not get any result! To be at the top of search engine rankings you need to change your techniques according to the Google latest algorithm. Top Local SEO techniques that will dominate this year are

Keyword Research

The importance of keyword will be more or less in 2016 too. For finding products or services, any customer will use a key phrase or keyword related to that product. Thus, to ensure that you are visible you need to use relevant keywords that are finalized after proper research. There are different ways to find significant keywords.

Google keyword planner is useful in finding relevant keyword for your business. Popular phrases and keywords related to your brand can be found by popular keyword analysis tools like Ubersuggest, Searchmetrics, and SEMRush.

By looking at the top ranking pages for other companies in your niche you can get the keywords you need to target.

On-Page SEO

Apart from choosing the correct keyword, you need to concentrate on how the content should be designed so that you get good rank in SERPs. Important things that must be noted and implemented to get success in 2016 are

2016 will be the year for large articles with a word count of about 1100 to 1300 words. Gone are those days when short articles were good enough.

Just word count will not matter when Google analyzes your content. There should be relevant information and supportive terms in the content.

Keywords must be utilized properly in your content. Even header, title and subheadings should have the keyword in them.

You need to optimize the overall link structure. Internal links will be guided to both your users and the search engine. So incorporate them properly.

Site-Wide SEO

To ensure that search engines rank you better you need to optimize everything that is present on your pages. Thus, in 2016, the importance of site-wide SEO will increase. The sites should be mobile friendly and responsive. Ensure that loading time of your page in any time is less. Use internal and external links properly in order to ensure that search engines find you and rank you better to be found by others. 

Mobile SEO

Remember that 2016 will be the age of mobile seo services. More and more people will be suing their mobile to search things instead of doing it on their desktops. Thus, to make your conversion rate steady you need to take care of mobile optimization. Take proper steps that will reduce loading time as if it takes too much time the customer may shift to your customer page.

Link Building

In 2016, the key to SEO will be link building. Publish high-quality content to ensure that your pages are getting enough links.