Want To Target A Wider Audience? Learn To Use Instagram Hashtags Today!

Jul 7


Tyc communication

Tyc communication

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Every business on Instagram is trying to understand the secret of Instagram Marketing. It is the home of many viral campaigns. Unfortunately, one of the most overused and poorly used tools of Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags are an invention of Twitter, but it was made famous by Instagram. Using various hashtags, avoiding the same hashtags, and banned hashtags, hosting hashtag competitions, and using hashtags in stories are among a few ways to expand reach.


Instagram, Want To Target A Wider Audience? Learn To Use Instagram Hashtags Today! Articles like all other social media platforms, is no longer just a social media platform. It is a virtual marketplace as well as a marketing channel. Instagram itself has recognized its potential beyond being a photo-sharing app and made itself user-friendly for businesses to function seamlessly. As a result, more and more businesses are creating their presence on this platform. If you are an E-commerce store, especially then having an account on Instagram only enhances your business. The absence of a physical store does not make you disadvantageous. A good eCommerce pr agency will tell you that if you are on Instagram, you need to realize the power of hashtags. A little research and creativity can help you exploit all the benefits.

Here's How You Can Utilize Hashtags on Instagram and Reach a Wider Audience to Expand Your Ecommerce Business!

  1. Use a Combination of Various Types of Hashtags

The various types of Hashtags are trending, niche, and branded hashtags. Trending hashtags are hashtags that are currently popular on the platform. Niche hashtags are in conjunction with your specific industry and can help you find your target market. Finally, branded hashtags are exclusive to your brand and are a part of your brand identity. Using a combination of all three helps you reach different types of audiences who are most likely to engage with your content.

  1. Avoid Using the Same Hashtags

Using the same hashtags can limit your reach. Instagram allows its users to follow specific hashtags. If you use the same hashtags repeatedly, your brand may not reach new users. You may even lose customers if they get annoyed and unfollow the hashtag altogether. Instagram allows you to track the performance of your hashtags, so switching up hashtags lets you know what works and what does not.

  1. Try not to Use Banned Hashtags

Instagram has banned specific hashtags following their community guidelines. However, many users claim that using banned hashtags can lead to your account getting shadowbanned, which does more harm to your business than the good caused by using banned hashtags. So, it is not worth the effort.

  1. Use Hashtags in Stories and Bio

Hashtags can be used in stories and bios too. Though those hashtags do not have the same benefits as an average hashtag, over 500 million users actively view Instagram stories, so it is great for exposure.

  1. Host Hashtag Contests

Users on Instagram love contests as there is typically a great prize for minimal effort. Though each individual user puts in minimal effort, it helps the business a lot.


A good eCommerce pr agency in Delhi would advise its client to use an average of 10 hashtags per post. Other services provided by such agencies include measuring the performance of various hashtags. This enables the business account to decide which hashtag is more effective for their marketing efforts.

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