What are common car problems and how do you fix them?

Sep 13


Suraj thorat

Suraj thorat

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So your car just breaks down on the motorway and you are clueless what happened with all that distress and no idea how to fix it. Maybe your car is too old and hasn't been serviced for a long time. Not sure should you fix it or sell to car wreckers.


Diagnosing car problems can sometimes make you feel like trying to solve a puzzle that doesn't have all the parts,What are common car problems and how do you fix them? Articles but we're here to help you understand some of the most common car problems. With the age of cars and the persistence of car problems, it may even be time to sell cars. From tires to engines, here are some of the most common car problems and solutions.


Car troubleshooting:
Car vibration: Although car vibration is annoying, it usually does not indicate a serious problem. Automotive vibration is usually associated with tires. Your tires may be out of balance or your vehicle may have fallen off.

Image result for car vibration have you recently played a pothole or roadside? This may cause your vehicle to align slightly, or it may cause the tire to lose weight. Not all wheels and tires are equal, so when your tires are aligned, weight is placed on each tire to correct the balance. If you accidentally hit the curb, it may cause one of the heavy objects to fall off and make you feel the car vibrating. However, if your wheel pulls in a certain direction when you release it, it may mean that your vehicle is turned off.


In addition, if the vibration occurs primarily during braking, your brake may be worn and may need to be replaced. If the vibration is too large, be sure to check the wheel or brake immediately.


Car overheating: This may be caused by a few things. Your car may not be running well on the coolant, your car may leak coolant, or your radiator fan may not be usable. This is a question that requires the mechanic to pay attention immediately, but there are a few things you can do in an emergency. If you see a car smoking, or if you find that the engine's heat meter is too high, keep the heater up and running at full speed. The car's heater draws heat directly from the engine, so when the car overheats, you can remove heat from the engine and into the cab by turning on the heater. This won't solve the problem, a few miles may be a bit uncomfortable, but it may save your engine. If your car is overheated, be sure to give it to the mechanic as soon as possible.

Image result for car overheating image

Steering wheel lock + ignition does not turn: Getting up in the morning and trying to start the car can be frightening, but it locks when you turn the key in the key. Fortunately, this should be a quick solution. Turn the steering wheel left and right while turning the ignition switch. This should unlock the steering wheel and ignition.


AC does not blow cold air: Although this is almost no problem in winter, it can be very frustrating during the summer. Most likely, your car's coolant is not enough, but there may be leaks in the air compressor, causing your car to blow only warm air.

Howling: The hum can be caused by a variety of factors, but there are several common causes of snoring. If your car squeaks or screams while braking, your brake pads may be thin. The brake pads are designed to begin to hum when 75% of the pads are worn. This beep reminds you that you need to replace the brake pads.

If a click occurs every few seconds, it is likely that the belt will begin to tear. The belt can be replaced up to 40,000 miles at the earliest, and the timing belt can be replaced up to 60,000 miles.


Got Car problems?

We hope that these tips will help you uncover the mystery of some car breakdowns!

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