What is an Esports Agency?

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Esports is big, but not everyone realizes the potential of including this market in their brand development strategy. But it’s 2020, so it’s time to check out why an esports agency can be the best thing for your brand going forward.

They used to be called video games,Guest Posting and they didn’t get that much respect. Even now, it is not largely realized that video games are indeed a sport to be taken seriously.  They have certainly come a long way since the early days of Pong and Pac-Man. Today’s video games are big, big business! Even in the beginning, the game’s popularity drove the technology, which, in turn, improved the games. There have always been opportunities for brands and marketing to become part of the conversation as well, and esports agencies can help to move it all forward in a particular direction. And they have, because today’s esports are nothing like the first video games.What changed with esports?Esports is a form of competition using video games. The players, once amateurs, have risen to become professional, sponsored athletes, thanks to live streaming, and the games have become professional as well. An esports agency can help bring investment opportunities for brands, game producers, players, and fans.Where does the money come from?Esports is becoming a billion-dollar industry, and players compete for cash, for glory, and for endorsements. There are live audiences, those who buy tickets to watch their favorites play huge live tournaments in stadiums, and the audience watching at home; online is just as big. Esports has grown beyond the perception of the video game geeks into something that everyone wants to get into. There has even been talk of it becoming an Olympic event, so the potential has definitely been recognized, hence the subsequent uprising of esports agencies. Oddly enough, even though video game sporting competitions have always been there, not everyone has yet heard of esports, or realizes how popular it is. And it’s only getting bigger, according to esports.net.How can an esports agency help?Digital marketing, or creative advertising agencies, can help brands navigate this ‘new’ world. An esports marketing agency connects players to sponsors, or is able to find creative marketing opportunities within. An esports agency can help brands invest in this growing market, where there are as many ways to invest and spend as there are in any professional sports field.So, what will an esports agency do in 2020?One reason that not everyone has heard of the size of the esports marketing possibilities may be because the demographic of the fans, as well as the players, tends to be  a much younger crowd, so an agency that can connect to that group would have to be someone with their finger firmly on this pulse and its potential. There are big opportunities for esports agencies here. The audience for esports is particularly engaged with the games, the players, and the market. Esports is accessible to everyone, and players can start from the very beginning, joining in at any time. There are still players growing their skills as fans, playing at home.An esports agency can follow this world, and they follow the trends. An esports agency knows where the money is, where the jobs are, and where the current trends are headed.

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