At what age will I get married to Indian astrology

Jul 7


sunny astrologer

sunny astrologer

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You have an early marriage when the planets are auspicious and a delay when the planets are inauspicious. 


Astrologers will help you in getting to know your date and venue of marriage. People all around India consider marriage rites to be very sacred and happens due to several birth relationships. When two people take a sacred vow,At what age will I get married to Indian astrology Articles they become a single individual and promised to become forever. Hinduism considers many rites for marriage. Do you want to know when you will get married according to your birth date, we will help you in identifying it.

Astrologers believe that marriages happen with the help of identification of birth date, and sitting of planets in the horoscope. The planets impact an individual life in all possible ways. It affects people's life, marital status, divorce, happiness in the marital life, and all the other issues related to it. You can contact a love marriage specialist, they will help you in identifying your date and year of marriage.


When will you get married? 

Some people get married at a young age, while there are people who get their spouse late. Due to these circumstances, you might feel disturbed and irritated. You might feel or want to know that when and where you will be getting married. A love specialist astrologer will help you in finding out your problems related to it.


Let’s understand what are the things that are related to marriage:


  • Marriage sense: Horoscope seventh house is the factor of marriage and love.
  • In astrology, there are 12 expressions. These expressions are related to human life directly or indirectly. The factor of marriage is one of the best houses of the horoscope. Based on the position of your house in the horoscope, one will easily get to know how you will marry, with whom you will marry, and where you will marry.


How you match horoscopes for the marriage? 

In the Indian family, horoscope matching is the most initial stage before getting married. Though couples are indeed made in heaven so people match their horoscopes before tying a knot. It is usually done by the family astrologer or by the parents. Matching the horoscope by the name and date of birth is very good to check the compatibility between the couples.


How far will the wedding be from the place? 

If Taurus, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius are in the seventh house of your horoscope then you will likely get married within a radius of 90km away from your home. If Chandra, Venus, and Guru are sitting then you are likely to get married around your own house. If Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are in the best house then you are likely to get married within 200km from your house. If Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces sits then you are getting married at the distance of 80km _100km from your home.


At what age will the marriage take place? 

If Mercury or any of the other planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars is not visible in your seventh house of the horoscope then you would likely get married before 22years. If Mercury sits in the best house then you are likely to get married at the age of 22_25years. If Rahu and Shani are affected then you are likely to get married at the age of 27. Since marriage is very sacred and important so if you have any queries regarding anything then you can contact our expert.

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