Can I purchase a wooden door online?

Feb 3




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Yes, you can! Online furniture stores in India also have a catalogue of pre-finished wooden doors. Therefore, if your home is under construction and you are searching for wooden doors, then you can search online in these stores to easily go through a thousand designs and brands.


Online allows you to seek for the right door-type as the sea of doors that you come across online can be a little confusing. Thus,Can I purchase a wooden door online?  Articles height, width, style, wood type, design, colour and budget are some things you need to consider before you start surfing online. Once you have a rough idea, then you can filter and search for that statement piece for your home.

Different types of wooden doors available online-

  1. Repurposed wooden doors: These are doors that have been discarded, which have been repurposed or recycled by artisans. The antique look of these doors makes them a highly popular category and ideal statement pieces. Furniture makers often collect old and discarded doors from junkyards and spruce them up to appear old, but still feel new. The vintage exteriors of these wooden doors transport your visitors back in time to the time of old and traditional cottages.

  2. New wooden doors: Not only repurposed doors, but you will find pre-finished wooden doors online. These come in various sizes, designs and also colours. Large and small manufacturers sell these doors online to reach a larger crowd. These can be both factory-made or hand-crafted. The price will vary based on the type, size and brand.

These two types of doors can be distinguished by three factors-

  1. Design: The design of the wooden door can be either basic or detailed. It can be modern or antique. It can be embellished or plain. Depending on your interior design, you can choose between the various designs.

  2. Affordability: The doors are available in different prices and a range of factors such as type of wood, method of construction, model type, design intricacy, etc. On online stores, you can filter the price and find a wooden door within your budget.

  3. Durability: A door is not just for a statement piece, but it protects a house safe. That is why durability is key when purchasing a door. Every manufacturer will offer a warranty for their product so you can choose accordingly. Wood is a durable material, but water and termites can damage the structure. Therefore, look for pre-finished doors that come with a waterproof and termite proof coating.

Types of wood used to build a door-

  1. Teak: When it comes to durability, wooden doors made of teak are the finest. These doors will last a lifetime and give a regal appearance. The doors are heavy and are best to be used as an external door. It is resistant to water damage, temperature change, termite attacks and rotting. Today, teak wood doors come in different colours and stylish designs. However, teak doors need some maintenance and regular polishing to maintain that regal look. The heavy nature also makes it difficult to relocate. These doors can be pricey, but the long term durability and elegant look make it well worth it.

  2. Sal: Another strong wood species, sal wood is among the most durable. This wooden door will also be very heavy. It is resistant to water damage, termite attacks, fungus, and any other type of damage.

  3. Shisham: A type of hard wood like the above two, shisham is a popular choice for wooden furniture as it is more malleable. Like teak and sal, this wood is immune to damage due to termite, moisture, fungus, etc.

  4. Mango: When shopping for wooden doors online, you may have come across some made up of mango wood. This wood is a secondary variety and lasts long if you take care of the furniture. However, the wood can get discoloured or decayed over time, especially if it is exposed to moisture. So, avoid using mango wood doors as external doors.

  5. Bamboo: You will also find wooden doors made up of bamboo wood in India. This flexible wood type is strong and durable and is widely used as a material for building wooden door, especially in the North-East parts of India.


Final Note

If you are interested in buying a wooden door online, then it is better to be knowledgeable about the different variants available. Once you have a clear understanding of what you want, you can easily browse through hundreds of designs to narrow down your door of choice.