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The first attempt to use gold coins in England was not successful simply because the gold being used was of a very high quality.

Over the centuries the various different kings and queens in England have favored the use of certain intricate symbols and Latin words on their gold coins.  Certainly too often collectors of such coins will focus on the look of a particular English gold coin rather than what historical value it may have or what has motivated a person to produce such a coin. 

Certainly prior to the 14th Century because gold was extremely rare in England then this was not used for the production of coins.  However when Edward III came to the throne between 1327 and 1377 a change in how coinage was made in England begun to take place.  Although silver coins were still be produced which were similar to those produced during the times of Edward I and II although the only thing to change was that Edward III appeared on them. 

Prior to becoming King of England,Guest Posting Edward III managed to arrange a trade agreement with the people of Flanders.  But the problem with this agreement was that the Flanders used a gold backed currency whilst in England we were using a silver backed one.  But because there was such a great divide in the value of the respective currencies many of the merchants were unhappy with the agreement that had been made.  Therefore it was this that helped King Edward III to make a decision to have gold coins minted and introduced in England and therefore make the exchanges taking place between the various merchants in  England and Flanders much more equal. 

However initially this attempt to use cold coins in England was not successful simply because the gold being used was of a very high quality.  These particular coins were known as Florins, Leopards and Helms and many merchants rather than trading them would melt them down and then exchange them for silver because it was much more profitable for them to do so.   Because of this actually being able to get hold of an English Gold Coin that goes back to the beginning of the reign of King Edward III can be very difficult almost impossible to find.

Since the first English gold coins had been introduced many other types of been produced over the centuries for the various monarchs who have sat on the English throne.  Although some are relatively easy to find others are not.  For example during the reign of James II which took place between 1685 and 1688 actually finding the gold coins of this time is very difficult to do.  Simply because very few were actually produced because James II was only king for a very short time. 

Today however English gold coins are only struck not as a form of currency but instead are used for commemorative purposes.  However the prices at which these coins are sold is somewhat higher they would have initially been brought for.  Some of the latest commemorative coins that have been struck at the Mint in England have been to celebrate Queen Elizabeth Seconds Silver and Gold Jubilees.

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