Is it time to upgrade to a Video Door Entry System?

Jul 7


Matt Morrell

Matt Morrell

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It is normal to have an audio door entry system on a block of flats and nothing on a house but times are changing so why bother upgrading to a video door entry system?


What is a video door entry system?

A video door entry system has a camera at your doorway that allows you to see the person standing at the door before you open it or allow them entry. It also has audio functionality that allows you to speak to the person too.

What are the benefits of installing a video door entry system?

1. Personal Security

The main benefit of a video door entry system has over an audio door entry system is that you can view the person at your door.

If you live in a flat and someone buzzes an audio system asking to get in because they are reading electricity meters you have to let them in on trust but it could actually be a burglar looking for somewhere easy to gain entry. With a video entry system,Is it time to upgrade to a Video Door Entry System? Articles you can see their uniform and ask to see their ID badge before letting them in.

Elderly people or people living on their own, even in houses and bungalows, find they feel more confident answering the door if they can see who it is first.

2. Ease of Use

Again, modern technology means that homeowners can either view the person at the door via a handset located in their home or on an App on their phone. The benefits of being able to see the person from your phone are vast.

An elderly or disabled person can buzz in a family member or carer without leaving their chair.
Perhaps, more useful for a business, but you can give someone entry when you aren’t there. In the case of a business, they may give access to delivery drivers at a non-manned door while they sit at the main reception.

Some systems have motions sensors so your phone will alert you when you are out if someone is at your door. This could be a potential burglar.

3. Home Security

Just as burglar alarms and security cameras can put off a potential burglar, so can a video door entry system. Why stand at a door where you can be seen and identified when you can try a block of flats up the road that just has an audio door entry system? Also, if the homeowners have gone to the bother of installing a video door entry system, then what other security measures have they installed?

4. Deliveries

Do you have problems receiving deliveries? Are you one of the unfortunate people who get emails saying their parcel has been delivered but you never receive it? Your video door entry system will show if any delivery drivers have been at your door at the time stated. This may help you claim back your money for goods not received.

5. Cleanliness

In the past, common tenement stairs were often open with no front door. This meant that litter could blow in or people could hang around in the close. Having either an audio or video door entry system makes it far easier to keep your communal areas clean and tidy with no litter or vandalism.


Just remember, for any door entry system to work and give you these benefits you need to follow the following basic rules:

  • Always ensure you shut the door properly after leaving or entering the building.
  • Do not jam the door open or leave it on the snib unless you are actually at the door doing something.
  • Don’t let someone in just because they say they are going to a neighbour who hasn’t answered.

Burglars will make the most of your carelessness!

The cost of a video door entry system has become far more affordable in recent years which is another reason why they are becoming so popular. Why not get a quote from your local security company and feel more safe and secure at home?


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