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To set up your new lcd tv home theater, it used to be so simple. Take the TV out of the box, plug it in and it’s ready to go. Nowaday, we have high definition LCD TVs with a myriad of cables and wires for the 5.1  sound system, gaming systems, dvd / bluray player, digital tv including a mess of power cables for everything. Things seem more complicated. Question is how to set it up?

It used to be so simple. Take the TV out of the box,Guest Posting plug it in and it's ready to go. Now, we have high definition LCD TVs with a myriad of cables and wires for the 5.1  sound system, HDMI cables for the gaming systems, assorted cables for the DVD/BluRay player, cable for the digital TV, and not to mention a mess of power cables for everything. A bowl of spaghetti would look a lot neater compared to the tangled maze of wires and cables behind your LCD TV.

A simple and elegant solution is to hide everything from plain view. A wall mounted LCD TV with no visible cables is a joy to look at. All the cables and wires are neatly hidden behind a wall via a PVC pipe.  Do it yourself types will find this very easy to accomplish, while mere mortals would rather do something else, like hire an electrician to sort it all out.

Now, what if for one reason or another you cannot gouge a hole in the wall for the power cables and keep them hidden in a single PVC pipe. LCD TV mounts still provide a way to keep all the cables hidden, and you may still do so with a cable management covers. What’s that? Through these covers (which are unobtrusive and look like a pipe neatly cut in half right in the middle which you then conveniently mount on your wall), you can neatly place and arrange all your cables for almost anything and everything you have to connect to and from your LCD TV without having to place hammer away at a wall to install a PVC pipe to hide all the cables.

Yes, it will still take some work getting everything wired in to place but it will all look a lot better after you have finished. Not only will you have a very neat looking LCD home theater set up, but you will also prevent pest or your dog from chewing up the cables, your cat from tripping over the wires when he fancies chasing after the mice which are nibbling over the cables, and other minor inconvenience as such.

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