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There are various movie sword designs being reproduced as replicas for movie fans and sword enthusiasts to collect. However many fans and new collectors are not aware of the sword type they purchased or planning to add to their collection. Without this knowledge they may purchase the wrong sword, use it in the wrong manner and risk damaging the collection or even injuring themselves. This article is written for the audience to learn the types of swords available in the market and with this information make the right purchase for their collection.

Having a movie sword replica collection can be the most satisfying hobby for many. If you are planning to start one or just considering whether it is the right hobby for you,Guest Posting this article is written to help you take that first step - acquiring information specifically what types of swords you should collect. If you search the net, you will find countless sword designs with detailed product specification. With all these options, it can be daunting at first to just figuring out which sword is suitable for you. So to make things simple, you need to know what is the purpose of the sword that you desire. The 3 categories of sword types available in the market are grouped based on that purpose.Let's start with the first sword type - the decorative sword which is also frequently referred to as display sword. The name decorative sword clearly states its purpose – making your fireplace, study or games room look fabulous. Decorative swords are generally made from but not limited to stainless steel making them more corrosive-resistant than common carbon steel. Even though meant for display purposes, they do come in both sharpened and unsharpened blades. Bear in mind that decorative swords are not to be used in sword duels or weekend cutting parties. If you still insist, have a paramedic team on standby. Most decorative swords (99.99%) will break under abusive forces. Expect chipped edges and perhaps flying blade pieces, the latter possibly land you an “involuntary manslaughter” charge.The second type of sword is the practice sword used for beginner and intermediate sword training exercises. The practice sword helps students to learn basic sword techniques (offence and defence), sword handling and balanced footwork. Practice swords can be made from a variety of materials mainly wood, plastic, latex, foam, aluminium and even steel. They do not have sharp edges for safety reasons which is perfect for sword duel exercises where students apply the skills they learned to the test. You probably heard of sword cutting exercise in advanced training where actual swords with razor-sharp edges are used to cut bamboo, plastic containers and roll-bundled newspaper. Skilled and experienced professionals use functional sword for this purpose which is described in the next section.The final type is the functional sword, the real thing - designed and forged to withstand the brute forces exerted from cutting, stabbing and metal-to-metal clobbering. A fully-functional sword is one magnificent piece of engineering and sometimes termed “battle-ready” cause it really is. The blade and tang is made as a single piece from high carbon steel which have gone through a proper heat treatment. In case you are wondering, the tang is the part of the blade that extends into the hilt. A full-tang extends all the way to the hilt end typical of many European swords. A partial-tang is more favoured in Japanese Katana. The cross-guard, grip and pommel of a functional sword are carefully designed and made from durable materials. If you plan to have a weekend cutting party, a fully functional sword is the best piece to use. Well actually it’s a must. You are less likely to worry about damaging the sword, just keep your eye on where the sword is going and make sure you’re gripping it firmly. If you don’t have any previous training on handling a functional sword, go get one. Remember “involuntary manslaughter”?Well there you have it, a quick walkthrough on the types of swords available. Before we end this article, a few practical examples should help clear any doubts and strengthen your understanding. Let's say you intend to use a movie sword replica for an upcoming cosplay event. For this a decorative sword made from wood, plastic or foam is best. Decorative sword can be manufactured identical to the design as shown in the movies. However If you are looking for a movie sword to cut objects and work out a sweat, a functional sword is mandatory. Take note that a functional sword may not resemble exactly the design in the movies because most of the stunning designs you see on the silver screens are just that - designs. If a functional sword is forged exactly as seen, it may not behave like a true sword. The weight could be too much to wield, there’s heavy resistance to swinging or the whole sword vibrates violently upon contact. Not so functional or practical anymore. There are some manufacturers who apply design enhancements to make the movie replicas as original and functional as possible.If you are looking for more information on movie sword replicas or just browsing for available selections to add to your collection, come visit my blog at:http://awesome-movie-sword-replica.blogspot.com/

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