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You can use the Power of 90 Seconds to ... ... This power will allow you to:=> Prevent ... ... Add ... hours to your day=> Maximize your ... while reducing str

You can use the Power of 90 Seconds to transform your
life. This power will allow you to:

=> Prevent countless problems.
=> Add additional hours to your day
=> Maximize your efficiently while reducing stress.
=> Save hours of time as you make less mistakes and
prevent problems.
=> Make Smart decisions.

Few people truly understand the power of 90 seconds and
use it properly. The results are staggering: unnecessary
stress,Guest Posting problems, hours of lost time, etc.

You will be different! You will discover this rule and use
it to its maximum benefit. This article will show you how
to harness the "Power of 90 Seconds."

Let's discover how to use "The Power of 90 Seconds."

You must understand two things:

1. It takes over 20 times more time or money to fix the
problem than in does to prevent the problem. (Often it is
one-hundred times) Thus time spent on preventing problems
is as valuable as gold. (Don't you forget it!)

2. Seconds spend on prevention will save you hours of
time, loads of frustration and stress, and piles of money.

Here is how you can use the "Power of 90 Seconds".

Use 90 seconds to:

=> Prevent a problem.
=> Think through a Decision,
=> Do something now which will save time down the road.
=> Fix the problem now.


=> Your boss comes in and hands you an important document.
Instead of using 90 second to file it away, you toss it on
a stack of papers. As usual it is gone when you want it
three days later. Stress and anxiety builds as the time
slips by while you frantically search for the report. You
could have saved 30 minutes by using 90 seconds to file it

=> You decide not to write down an appointment in your
book because it would have taken to long. (30 Seconds).
This results in a lost customer, distrust, and a talk with
your boss. Thirty seconds would have prevented all this.

=> Instead of writing down a list of the things you need,
you go straight to the grocery store. You forget an
important idem. The result:
* $3 of gas lost.
* 1 hour of time gone forever because you had to back to
the store.

=> You look outside your window and see that your son has
left his bike in back of your car. Instead of spending 90
seconds to move it or tell your son to move it, you decide
to wait deal with the problem tomorrow. Of course you
forget and back over his bicycle:

Ninety seconds would have prevented:
* ½ Hour changing a tire.(plus $40 for a new one)
* $95.95 for a new bicycle.
* 10 minutes of lecture from the your boss at work for
being late.

=> One afternoon you notice that the rope that secures
your dog to the tree is getting frayed. Just like human
nature, you figure you will replace the old rope with the
new rope from the garage in the next few days. Three days
later your dog breaks loose. Three minutes of replacing the
rope would have prevented:

* 5 Hours searching for the dog.
* $50 reward for having him returned.
* $13 spent on printing flyers.
* Undue Stress

Get the picture? Everyday you will run into situations
where you can use the "Power of 90 Seconds" to prevent
problems and reduce stress.

It is all part of the 90/10 Secret. Discover the secret by
reading the article: "Discover the 90/10 Secret: It will
change your life." Find it here: http://www.magic-people-

To make sure this is clear, let me throw out some specific
examples where you can use the "Power of 90 Seconds."

=> Fill the car up with gas when the tank is only 1/4
full. Never will you have to waste time and money standing
by the side of the road.

=> Replace burned out light bulbs, old tires, or etc. now.
Take 90 some time and do it now, before you fall down the
steps in the dark, have an accident, etc.

=> Think before you speak. Save embarrassment and a ruined

=> Use 90 seconds to file something away before it gets

=> When you see something that could be a future problem,
fix it now.

=> Make the phone call now, instead of waiting.

Do you see the "Power of 90 seconds"? Let me use one last
point to illustrate it.

One day I was on the beach by the great Lakes. For six
hours I played soccer, volleyball, and had a blast.
However, I did not take the time to spend 90 seconds and
apply sun block on my feet. My feet got scorched and I mean
scorched. The result?

=>$$$$$$ spent on lotions and creams
=> Fiery pain for 7 days
=> Swollen feet..
=> Numerous hours lost while I laid on the couch with my
feet on ice.
=> Missed activities, work, and a lack of productivity.

If I had used 90 Seconds to put sun block on, none of this
would happened.

Prevent problems and you will prevent trouble. Use this
secret now. Find more articles at

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