Harnessing the Power of 90 Seconds

Jan 2


Arlen Busenitz

Arlen Busenitz

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The Power of 90 Seconds can be a transformative tool in your life. It can help you prevent numerous issues, add extra hours to your day, enhance your efficiency while reducing stress, save time by making fewer mistakes, and aid in making smart decisions. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand and properly utilize this power, resulting in unnecessary stress, problems, and lost time. This article will guide you on how to effectively use the Power of 90 Seconds to your advantage.

Understanding the Power of 90 Seconds

There are two key principles to understand about the Power of 90 Seconds:

  • It often takes over 20 times more time or money to fix a problem than it does to prevent it. In some cases,Harnessing the Power of 90 Seconds Articles it can be a hundred times more. Therefore, time spent on preventing problems is as valuable as gold.

  • Spending a few seconds on prevention can save you hours of time, loads of frustration and stress, and a significant amount of money.

Practical Applications of the Power of 90 Seconds

Here are some ways you can harness the Power of 90 Seconds:

  • Use 90 seconds to prevent a problem.
  • Spend 90 seconds thinking through a decision.
  • Do something now that will save time later.
  • Fix a problem immediately.


Consider these scenarios:

  • Your boss hands you an important document. Instead of spending 90 seconds to file it away, you toss it on a stack of papers. When you need it three days later, it's missing. The stress and anxiety build as you frantically search for the report. You could have saved 30 minutes by using 90 seconds to file it away.

  • You decide not to write down an appointment in your book because it would have taken too long (30 seconds). This results in a lost customer, distrust, and a talk with your boss. Thirty seconds would have prevented all this.

  • Instead of writing down a list of the things you need, you go straight to the grocery store. You forget an important item. The result: $3 of gas lost and 1 hour of time gone forever because you had to go back to the store.

  • You notice that the rope securing your dog to the tree is getting frayed. You plan to replace it in the next few days. Three days later, your dog breaks loose. Three minutes of replacing the rope would have prevented 5 hours searching for the dog, a $50 reward for having him returned, $13 spent on printing flyers, and undue stress.

The 90/10 Secret

The Power of 90 Seconds is part of the 90/10 Secret. Discover the secret by reading the article: "Discover the 90/10 Secret: It will change your life." Find it here.

More Examples of the Power of 90 Seconds

  • Fill the car up with gas when the tank is only 1/4 full. You'll never have to waste time and money standing by the side of the road.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs, old tires, etc. now. Take 90 seconds and do it now, before you fall down the steps in the dark or have an accident.
  • Think before you speak. Save embarrassment and a ruined reputation.
  • Use 90 seconds to file something away before it gets lost.
  • When you see something that could be a future problem, fix it now.
  • Make the phone call now, instead of waiting.

The Power of 90 Seconds in Action

One day, I spent six hours on the beach by the Great Lakes, playing soccer and volleyball. However, I didn't take the time to spend 90 seconds and apply sunblock on my feet. My feet got scorched. The result? Money spent on lotions and creams, fiery pain for 7 days, swollen feet, numerous hours lost while I laid on the couch with my feet on ice, missed activities, work, and a lack of productivity. If I had used 90 Seconds to put sunblock on, none of this would have happened.

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