What To Look For In An Espresso Machine

Feb 29


Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

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Different features in an espresso machine.


Espresso is an Italian type of coffee,What To Look For In An Espresso Machine Articles made by forcing very hot water through finely ground coffee beans in high pressure, giving it a wonderfully strong, robust flavor and a thick consistency for immediate drinking. Generally, espresso drinks are tiny servings containing no milk or sugar.

If you wish to get your own espresso machine, you should expect to pay any where from two to six hundred dollars or more for a solid espresso machine for your own use, although there are lower price models. You will find that the additional features you wish to add to your espresso machine do increase its price.

- Cup Warmers: This is the flat surface at the top of the unit, which keeps the cups warm.

- Water Filter: Although, this feature has a need for filters, it reduces chemicals from your drinking water.

- Frothing Wand: You can make other types of coffee beverages, by using one shot of espresso, such as cappuccino, cafes latte and mocha, which are very popular with coffee drinkers. Frothing wands steam and froth milk for these other types of beverages and is a great feature to have while preparing your beverages. Some models may also include a milk canister.

- Hot Water Dispenser: This feature enables you access to hot water while in the kitchen.- Pre-Moistening Cycle: Although, any brand may have their own name for this feature, it is a pre-cycle of moistening the grounds, before your beverage is prepared. This feature encourages oils of the coffee bean to rise, increasing the flavor of espresso.

- Strength Controls: These features allow you to control the amount of water and coffee ground, thus permitting you to adjust their amounts for the flavor you want in espresso and other coffee beverages.

- Pod Compatibility: Pods are small packets of individual servings, which are very popular and easy to use for a quick cup of espresso. Check out the model you have chosen to see if it is compatible for pod use, as this will save you time when you are on the run.

- Bean Grinder: Although, not always an included features, there is espresso machines that include built in grinders. These grinders generally grind just enough beans per use for enjoyable espresso.

Other features you may consider are a removable water container for convenient filling. A removable drip tray because it is more convenient to clean. You should also look at the depth of the drip tray to make sure it is not too shallow. Look for surfaces that are easy to clean, so check for any grooves or cracks within the unit's design. The controls of any espresso machine should be easy to understand and use. You might also want to check the filter basket holder to make sure it is easy to clean and that it holds the basket securely in place

Do your research - Read reviews of each machine you like. This will help you choose the best espresso machine with the right features for you, your needs, budget and your coffee drinking pleasures.