10 Eco-Friendly Affiliate Marketing Programs

Dec 2


Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper

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When you think about how you can contribute to saving the world, few people consider affiliate marketing as a great option.
The eco-friendly affiliate marketing program is the right way to go as it’s carbon neutral with thousands of businesses willing to profit from the growth of this sector. That also creates plenty of opportunities for publishers to come up with eco-friendly content that enables readers to make ethical decisions for their purchases.  


There are good chances that you already have an affiliate marketing program and you are aware of the brands and products that consumers are interested in. It’s high time you used that information for environmental benefits. People are purchasing items they feel are aligned to their values. In other words,10 Eco-Friendly Affiliate Marketing Programs Articles consumers are ready to spend more money on products that are good for the planet and the people living on it. Let’s take a look at 10 eco-friendly affiliate marketing programs worthy to be considered.

1. The Ultimate Green StoreConsumers are now concerned about the brands and products they purchase and how these affect the planet. The Ultimate Green Store offers eco-friendly products that are in high demand. The fashion industry contributes to about 8-10% of the world’s carbon emissions but fashion is also a popular segment. Therefore, affiliate marketers have an opportunity to look for greener fashion brands and products. The Ultimate Green Store has products that are made of natural, organic, recycle, and eco-friendly. They provide clothing, solar products, furniture, and every day eco-friendly products. If you are concerned about carbon emissions, you can help save the world by joining the Ultimate Green Store’s eco-friendly affiliate program. Affiliates have a chance of earning 10% commissions on the sale of all products except their gift registry sales.    

2. Eat CleanerEat Cleaner offers products that clean your natural produce and extends its life by 200%. If you are considering joining an eco-friendly affiliate marketing program, this is another great option for you. Here are the benefits of this affiliate program:  You can create content on sustainable product that also removes 99% of pesticides and kills 99% of bacteria. You can help consumers save more than $500 each year. You can earn a 25% commission on sales. Affiliates have an opportunity for their creative library which has free educational resources.You participate in content with a chance of winning bonus cash.  

3. ECOlunchboxReusable lunch boxes not only save you money over the long run, but they also help you to rescue the environment. ECOlunchbox provides consumers with alternatives to the use of plastic lunch bags. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic to ensure that the environment is safer. ECOlunchbox produces snack sacks, napkins, stainless steel bento boxes, and lunch bags. As more people are becoming aware of the dangers of using plastics, the demand for reusable lunchboxes and bags is growing.  Think about how focusing on sustainable lunch boxes might be a simple way to write an article that will have a huge impact on the planet and you will earn 8% commission as an affiliate. If you are not a writing expert, you can take help from assignment writing service uk. Just go to A-writer to find the online assignment help australia. They’ll help you get the best articles and essays that are impactful.

4. The Green LifeGreen Life has a wide selection of more than 13,000 products. They use a ShareASale to manage their affiliate program and offer affiliates promotional and marketing tools. The company has both natural and organic products, giving you great options to write content that is engaging to your readers while generating revenue. They offer a 10% commission on the sales of more than 800 brands for beauty, home, health, baby, pet, and many more. They will keep you informed through emails about their new products, bonus opportunities, and offers.   

5. Love GoodlyLove Goodly also uses a ShareASale and the commission is 8%. affiliates have access to banners, tracking and reporting marketing tools, and monthly payouts. They have subscription boxes to offer their customers discounts on their eco-friendly products. The subscription boxes allow consumers to test out about 4 to 5 products every month. These are eco-friendly beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products. Love Goodly is more concerned about the products people use and making the right choices. Therefore, they are always looking for affiliates who have a passion for eco-friendly products, healthy lifestyle, beauty, subscription reviews, wellness, fashion, and many more.  

6. The Garden Tower Project  The Garden Tower Project is exploding over the years with its 16% commission to affiliates who sign up with them. The best part is that affiliates don’t have to own a website as you can market their products through email and social media. The company is focused on food sustainability and ensuring that there is food security by helping people grow their healthy food. They target kitchen on transforming kitchen refuse into organic vegetables. The company uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate program and they provide you with coupons to be used for radio and offline marketing activities.

7. The Natural Baby Company and GroViaAcross a variety of categories, baby products are probably the most sought-after items by a lot of people. The Natural Baby Company and GroVia provide an eco-friendly affiliate marketing program for their eco-friendly diapers and baby products. With the 10% commission, you are bound to earn a reasonable income because they have two websites for the same affiliate program. The affiliate program is run by ShareASale, and they provide tracking tools and marketing materials. The average sale is $100 on various eco-friendly products including feeding products, toys, cloth diapers, and more. That’s pretty handy income if you are a student or a housewife. As a student, you might lack time to handle it but you can easily outsource your writing work and focus on your websites. Be it a thesis or dissertation, you can always find proofreading Assignment Geek or australia assignment help specialists to get the work done -  the best essay writing services review. 8. Just NaturalJust Natural Products is committed to offering natural products to their customers. They have an affiliate program that offers 20% commission on all their 250 natural products. People across the globe are looking for various ways to help the planet and one of them is a reduction in carbon emission. This is an online company that is that offers carefully formulated natural skin and hair care products to make sure there is no harm to the environment. The average order value stands at $75, and the affiliate program is run by ShareASale. You get access to reports and creative tools backed with a lot of testimonials from their customers.  

9. Real PurityReal Purity manufactures organic cosmetics and body care products. The company has an eco-friendly affiliate marketing program that is managed by ShareASale. The affiliates get a 7% commission, creative, tools and reporting tools. While the average order value is almost $40, they get a lot of orders on sales days. Whatever the content you are interested in, Real Purity has an attractive eco-friendly affiliate marketing program because their sales have gone up by 30% over the last year. The company provides free samples for testing out their products and also offer makeup consultations.     

10. TheGreenOffice.comThe green issues are getting bigger by the day with most businesses across the globe adopting eco-friendly strategies to save the planet. TheGreenOffice offers businesses solutions to green practices and gives them discounts of 75% with free delivery on orders above $49. The affiliates have a chance of earning a 5% commission on sales of more than 60,000 eco-friendly and conventional office products, meaning great commission for affiliates. The average order size for newly acquired customers is $145 and affiliates can use banners, catalog data, and text links.    

ConclusionEco-friendly affiliate programs are a great way to earn money while ensuring that the environment is safe. You can begin by choosing the products that interest you, whether they are household items, baby products, or skin and hair care products. It’s also important to check the commission arrangement, the marketing support you get, and the sector that interests you.

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