Affiliate marketing Trianing Manual for all[3-10]The next step,Marketing

Feb 10


Jaco Steenkamp

Jaco Steenkamp

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Now that you know what product you are going to market from the affiliate marketing program you have joined.As was discussed in the previous articles.Your next step must be to decide if you are going to use free marketing or paid marketing.


Free marketing in this context is in the form of a blog and paid marketing is in the form hosted web domain.In the articles that follow we will take a look at some more free and paid marketing.That can be used to make money with your affiliate marketing program. The first thing to consider even before you decide if you are going to use a blog or a website must be what will your business name be?Pick the wright one and you will be up and filing in no time,but if you neglect this step your affiliate marketing program can be doomed from the start.This can not be stressed enough.Picking the wright business name can be a effective marketing tool on it's own. The most affiliate marketers do not seem to agree on anything,but do agree that when picking your business name you should go one of two ways: 1}The first group think you should pick a short memorable name.The name should be related to what you are going to market from your affiliate marketing program.The name should be short,easy to remember and spell.If it can also tell you exactly what it is about you have a winner.The reason for this is you have one 15 second window to make a memorable impression and inform you potential customer what you are marketing or promoting.If you mis it you will never get another. 2}The second group think you should choose a groovy,cool or attention grabbing name for your business.That will be easy to remember.Think of business names like Google,Yahoo,E-bay etc.The name has almost nothing to do with what these businesses are about,but I do not think their is anybody on mother earth who have not heard of these businesses. Witch ever one you would like to you use is up to you.Both of these methods work exceedingly well with picking your business name and establishing your pres sens on the web. Now lets get to the question do you use a blog or your own website? 1)It is always a good idea to start with a blog because it is free.The main problem is that when you use a blog it is hosted on some one Elsi's site.For example is where the problem begins.Someone ells controls your site and can do with it as they see fit,put confusing ads on it or even worse close it down completely.Your potential customer can also get confused are you blogger or your business name,because your link looks like is your business name and blog spot is blogger.Blogs do work,but because of the mentioned facts use them sparingly. 2)The best platform to market your affiliate marketing program from is your own wed site and domain name.There are a many hosting companies on the Internet.They make a lot of empty promises,but sadly can not deliver.The hosting company that I trust and use is at hostgator. When you signed up for your website you will be asked to formulate a domain name.When you formulate a domain name remember what was discussed in the beginning of this article about choosing your business name.Your domain name must use the same principals short,easy to spell,descriptive,memorable,easy to remember and related to what you are marketing from the affiliate marketing program you have joined.That is it now you can start to make money with your own Internet business. In the next article we will look at same free marketing tools that you can use to market or promote your business site and make lots money.

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