I Never Made A Dime From Affiliate Reselling Until…

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I posted an article recently on how I had never made any money from affiliate reselling until a friend recommended I look at a new resource on the subject.

After the first flush of success on breaking my duck I reckoned it would only be a matter of time before my new-found money spinner ground to a halt. 

But I was wrong… 

The affiliate payments just keep rolling in and I am now averaging $40 per day. 

This might not seem much to you but for someone who had never made a dime in affiliate revenue after 2 years of trying it is proving to be a highly rewarding state of affairs – especially for an investment of under 10 dollars. 

Interestingly,Guest Posting out of the various avenues of promotion I am using (website, email, blog, etc) the most successful by far is article distribution. 

How would I know that? 


I use a keying method which is imperceptible to anyone else and I can tell on a daily basis where the returns are coming from when I check in at ClickBank. 

Now that I’m getting a taste for affiliate revenue I am about to invest (out of profits) in another piece of kit for which I have even higher hopes. 

Maybe the opportunities for earning money from affiliate programs are increasing or maybe (and more likely) I am just waking up to the possibilities. 

I will let you know in due course how I get on with my new kit.

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