Misadventures in Affiliate Marketing

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This article quickly focuses on the personal side of affiliate marketing.  Something that some or all of us have experienced.

Having only been involved in affiliate marketing for a couple of years,Guest Posting I’ve spent my share of time researching potential programs that I may want to promote.  I spent my money here and there on several advertising strategies such as pay-per-click, Yahoo and Google ads.  All these things, however relevant they are to the total internet marketing picture, do not prepare you for the other side of your internet marketing experience.

After deciding which program to promote, I decided to announce my idea to family and friends.  For the most part, many were telling me “That’s a great idea.”  Then I realized later on that they were secretly thinking “You must be nuts!”  So I wondered if anyone else has ever perceived this or am I the only one? 

After shaking off the feeling that some of these people were not part of my faithful support system, I pushed on undaunted.  I spent days tracking the results of my marketing efforts.  All the while, my family would be looking over my shoulder wondering out loud  “Where’s the money?  Have you made any money yet?”  They all want to see instant success in this business that requires patience and perseverance. Has anyone else been through this or am I the only one?

I read everything I could get my hands on about optimal search engine rankings, email advertising, and even how to write an article like this one in hopes of getting the most exposure to my website or affiliate program.   Money started to roll in (actually more of a trickle).  I felt instantly optimistic because I started to see a glimmer of light at the end of my marketing tunnel.  While I was ready to celebrate my small victory, people close to me were not satisfied with my progress and begin to hint (sometimes argue) that I should stop even though it was clear that my efforts were showing some profit.  After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Has anyone else been through this or am I the only one?

What’s my point?  My point is this.  When I started this endeavor, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park (and I love the park).  I realized that marketing was going to be a hit and miss situation.  I knew I had to keep going in order to find what works best for me and my advertising niche…affiliate marketing.  If you persevere, you too can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Never let anyone stop you from doing what works for you.  Later on, the naysayer will come around to your way of thinking and may even apologize.  Be true to yourself and success will come to you!

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